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May 26 2009

Opening shot of Serenity as film trivia. This week's "Weekly Twelve" trivia quiz from Trivia Hall of Fame is about long takes, and includes reference to the BDM.

Probably not news to anyone on Whedonesque, but still cool.

Post your scores film fans - 83% for me
A Clockwork Orange is a phenomenal film. I hate this trivia.
83% here -- I got the first and last questions wrong.

Children of Men is an awesome movie, btw.
I only got 79%, but I was happy to get several interesting suggestions for movies to see that I'd never heard of before... I was rather pleased that I'd actually seen Timecode though, because I think it's pretty obscure :)
I got a 100 percent, but what was up with that shot at Kubrick? Seemed to come out nowhere.
only got 72% and yeah found that shot at Kubrick came out of left field.
92% for me, but I must confess to guessing on at least a couple.

(And I, too, am baffled by the flippant dismissal of Stanley Kubrick. The man was a titan.)
You guys must be much bigger film geeks than me... 42% here. (And several of those were guesses!)
Interesting trivia behind some films that sounds intriguing.
92% here! Only minimal guessing, and most of it educated guessing. I also hated the swipe at Kubrick... seemed off.
I got 75%.

Hangs her head in shame.....
I LOVE "one-ers" (I believe that's the nickname for the long, unbroken takes in the quiz). Some of the ones in the quiz I was familiar with (that opening shot in "Touch of Evil" is still astounding, decades later, and the inside-the-car sequence in "Children of Men" simply blew my mind [the how-dey-do-dat explanation in the DVD extras still tickles me--well worth checking out if you're a film geek at all]).

There's also a good one in an episode of "Dollhouse," where Dewitt and Dominic get in the elevator on one floor of the facility and get off on another. One subtle cut sells the shot.

But I like that I can now dig into ones I HAVEN'T seen, hadn't heard of before. Coolness.
I swear I knew all of them (I'm literally a professional film geek -- I've seen all but a few of the movies mentioned) -- but the #$@#$@# thing gave me a mere 92%.

Aside from the Kubrick dig (hey, we're all entitled to our opinions, and I do think some of his films, particularly "A Clorkwork Orange" and "The Shining," are seriously overrated, though "2001", "Dr. Strangelove" and "Lolita" are huge favorites), they also got the title of Welles' "Touch of Evil" wrong. It's not "A Touch of Evil."
92%. For the record, there is no such thing as a "wipe pan" that I am aware of in film making. Although, if one were to purposefully pan as part of a planned wipe in editing... But no, the cut in Serenity's long shot (which is not the opening shot, the Universal logo gets that credit) was done with a "whip pan," technically two. Silly quiz people. I like how the answers often included unrelated information. Like Serenity's answer discussing Contact.
100%, but a couple were educated guesses.
...somehow my score came up as 108%. I got them all right, anyway (another professional film geek, although I've only seen about half the films mentioned.)
Wow 108%, that's outstanding.

"Touch of Evil" wrong. It's not "A Touch of Evil."

That one felt somewhat off, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Didn't confuse me enough not to pick it, though.

Only 75% but all of my guesses were of (and I even managed to miss a question I knew too.) Anyway fun game, nice to see Joss and Serenity mentioned and I love the long take.

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