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May 26 2009

Brian Lynch posts Stephen Mooney's take on a Whedonverse movie. Given the furor over the non-Jossian 'Buffy' movie, Brian and friends give us a unique take on what an 'Angel' movie would look like sans Joss.

It's not just my take, it's Mr. Mooney's. And this was done long before the BUFFY reboot was announced. I hope everyone likes it, and likes what comes next...
I heart you Mr. Lynch & Mr. Mooney!
Sorry, but, who are those people? The comic creators? Actors?
Angel looks a whole lot like Nicholas Cage to me.
The alternate Angel kind of resembles Nicholas Cage. Disturbing!
Comic Creators CaptainB
Personally I'm getting a kick out of the Jorge Garcia lookalike.
Thanks Brian- I've fixed the title to give Stephen credit. You guys must be psychic or something as this was most excellently timed!
That is so damn funny and I *love* NC.
Who portrays woman!Spike, I wonder.
Oh how I laughed. By some twisted freaky they are showing Buffy the Vampire Slayer film on film4 in the UK. Actually I'm going to sleep.
Hah, CrazyKidBen. Jorge Garcia as Gunn.
So, does this mean some Hollywood bigwig post-ATF makes a movie out of the experience?
Yeah I'm wondering who the model was for Spiketta. Haha that's awesome.
Confused. Does this link make more sense once you're read the Angel comics? Is it the cover for a new comic, or just a joke?
It's the cover(s) for Brian Lynch's Spike series if I'm not mistaken. He mentioned it the plot in an interview he did shortly after the end of AFTER THE FALL.
Here's a link:
Edit: Added link, was mistaken.

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That is full of so much awesomeness. Stephen's best work yet? Probably.
It is not for the SPIKE series. It's for something far more wonderful. You will want to hug a comic book. You will want to marry a comic book. You will want to feed a comic book soup.

Wonderful, wonderful things are coming. This REBUFFY news (I hope that name sticks) is a very strange coincidence...

Also, am I the only one who actually tried checking out the website on the poster?
Haha. Awesome. XD

Hmm. Can't wait to hear/read more. XD

[ edited by druzilla on 2009-05-27 01:04 ] this is serious?
Ah, Mr Lynch, now you've got me all curious and excited...
Escapist_dream, it is not serious, no. But it is very real.
The one with the real actors or the one with Hurley?

ETA: someone should change the link to this.

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Spike's a girl? Ick.

Hurley's cool, though.
Spike went through the gender-bender! HAHAHAHAHA. Fun.


Okay, put him back now.

No, really.
It would have been twice as hilarious if the faux-Angel had his shirt slashed to his waist and Spikette in one of those buxom/leggy wrapped-around-the-leg poses. Or maybe I'm thinking about some of those cheesetastic (and quite iconic) '70s-'80s posters. The exploitation-style poster would also be hilarious.

Great job, though. Well, the first poster anyway. We haven't seen the whole bunch together in so long (it just needs Connor). I was missing Wesley. ...Really, really missing Wesley.

Very funny idea.

Though, Nick Cage scares me.

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I know. I know. Animated movie with the real actors! Can I buy that please. Buffy...Angel...Serenity: Those Left Behind....Serenity: Better Days...Serenity: The Other Half...Serenity: the Other Other Half...Captain Hammer: Be Like Me!...

How about motion comic book with real actor voices!!

Ran out of guesess.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2009-05-27 04:21 ]
Wait got another guess.

Voice recordings that we can play while looking at the comic book.

Though, Nick Cage scares me.

Aha! That's who Nick C is!
I think "Rebuffy" should become our fandom's equivalent of GINO (Godzilla In Name Only), what Godzilla fans call the 1998 American version.
And all this time I was thinking how it couldn't be the Nick from the WGA strike. (Nick Counter?) Nick Cage, Duh.
Nice drawings. Shiny.

Recently I read an article by JJ Abrams where he talked about spoilage, and in it he mentioned a plan at one time to make Superman that got leaked prematurely and the fanbase was up in arms (among other things he was gonna make Lex Luthor a Kryptonian - duh! Stupid) but he believes that if the fanbase hadn't shot down the project in the early stages of development, the end result might have kicked ass. We simply never will know now will we? But any 'creative input' into Superman that actually thinks making Lex Luthor anything other than human is a good idea, that person shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Superman franchise. I don't care if he's JJ effin Abrams. That's a big warning sign that the wrong people are at the helm. If you have no respect for the original source material, don't make the stupid movie. That's like someone taking the Sherlock Holmes stories and turning Holmes into some kind of superhero who runs around punching people in the face. ....what?

Now in THIS case, the leakage may have caught Kuzuis by surprise. Or maybe they leaked it so they could gauge our reaction. However, I think they were in early stages of developing this idea, and a bomb just went off in their face.

The people behind Kuzuis may or may not consider what we consider to be canon, canon. We have no way of knowing how much respect they have for the franchise as WE know it. They may be bigger fans than any of us and not want to harm it in any way so they have a kickass story in mind that's mindful and endearing to die hard fans yet still provocative and mainstream enough to appeal to a wider audience of the uninitiated or previously jaded out there. Notice I'm not drinking that Kool-aid.

Perhaps they think they can just start from scratch, or maybe they'll want to make a sequel to the movie that started it all and sank worse than the Titanic. I dunno. Until I get some kind of message from Whedon that's more than four words and less than politically correct mumbo jumbo, I'm not on board. I need some kind of certainty from Kuzuis' people that the franchise as it has existed until now will be respected, and twenty years of stories won't be wiped clean as irrelevant with a cheesy time traveling plot device a la Star Trek.

Bottom line though: if I don't get that? They're not making this for me, so they won't get my money, and I doubt Kuzuis is going to lose any sleep over that.
Oh, this looks interesting. Looks like we'll be getting a mini about Hollywood attempting to make a movie out of Angel's time during 'After the Fall' - it definitely ties to Buffy Season Eight as well!!
Nope, aapac. Ain't that.
You're such a tease Brian !
Anyway it's nice that bad news like all that Kuzui nonsense seems to be about to be compensated by something far more interesting ! An animated series would be just awesome, for example :)
OK Brian...I am gonna go to the next level with aapac's suggestion. Is it the "official comicisation" of the 'After the Fall' movie that is going to open the Spike series. So a comic tie-in of a fictional movie in a comic? Wow my head just exploded:)
Love it!

The Nick Cage-Angel is kinda creepy. She-Spike is funny.

[ edited by Shep on 2009-05-27 19:51 ]
But any 'creative input' into Superman that actually thinks making Lex Luthor anything other than human is a good idea, that person shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Superman franchise. I don't care if he's JJ effin Abrams. That's a big warning sign that the wrong people are at the helm. If you have no respect for the original source material, don't make the stupid movie.

On the other hand, people who thought that Starbuck could be a women were proved right (in many people's opinion). Sometimes the ideas that seem essential are really just details, and can reasonably be changed *if* they support a great story. (I don't have an opinion on whether or not Luthor as a Kryptonian is in that category or not.)
Wonderful art but i'm gonna be nitpicky and say you could have set up that link to actualy go to an Angel website :P
Here's more on what's coming

Might want to add that to the first post.
Spikette actually looks a lot like Angelina Jolie to me........ anybody else see it? I got a nice chuckle out of that picture!
@Brian: i know you'll probably class it as a spoiler and wont be able to tell us, but does his appearance on the poster confirm that Cordelia is coming back? =D
I simply cannot wait to see Angel and Spike kiss on screen and then watch Angel and Spike in the theater get all uncomfortable haha this has made my day, thank you Brian!
R.e. Angel/Spikette kiss - I can hear fanfic-ers furiously typing away already!

This is going to be so funny! Can't wait to see Angel and Spike's reactions!

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