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May 27 2009

Dollhouse collector's item up for grabs. Remember the Echo figurine that was included in the Fox press kit for Dollhouse? Well is giving one away in a competition (open only to those in the United States).

I haz entered it... 'cause I really, really want a weird artschool wooden featureless Dollhouse doll. (Or whatever - I think you enter the thing and you get what you get if you get anything at all - or so I read it.)

Well, I do want the doll/promo kit. See, it sez "Dollhouse" on it.

Although "Wallhouse" would be even cooler.
So... Er, is this just to the US?
I sent off an email to inquire about that.
I entered. What the hey. I just hope that, if I win, I get a prize that I'm actually even kinda interested in?
We haz broke the website.
I is entered. almost any of those prizes would be cool, but the Dollhouse articulated doll would be the best. That or Weeds Season 4.
I entered. I'm hoping for the Dollhouse dolls, but I'd be fine with anything but that Steven Seagal movie and clothing.
But I don't need another one.
It's USA only.

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