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May 27 2009

"Buffy marked a turning point toward the new breed of paranormal". Publishers' Weekly article on the continued surge in paranormal romances, despite a difficult economic situation.

Perhaps relevant to the current Buffy movie discussion: "How many people of the last few generations haven't seen Buffy or one of its spinoffs? Above all, I think every genre is driven and perpetuated by the talent of its most successful authors, authors who cater to the public, to their day and age's literary zeitgeist."

And they did not even touch upon the YA market with its superior series: Vampire Academy; House of Night; Vampire Diaries, etc. All of these are truly good reads, much better than the Twilight series.
I totally agree. Oh, and Betsy the vampire queen, (no eye rolling, please), is just hilarious. It's by MaryJanice Davidson. I will laugh out loud at those books.
Oh, and Laurell K. Hamilton. The Anita Blake series. Whoa. Definitely NOT for children. JMO

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