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May 27 2009

Seth Green on ABC's 'Un-Broke' special, his new Adult Swim show, and 'Robot Chicken'. Pretty much what the titles says.

And he doesn't Twitter for cyborgturkey...people from the show do. And anyone claiming to be him on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter is a fake.

Wow, I haven't watched Adult Swim in awhile. Robot Chicken now had its fourth season! I guess I'll look forward to catching the dvd of it.

His new show sounds pretty funny, too. Otherwise, Adult Swim really isn't what it used to be.
"BOOM! That's math all over your face!"

I loved that line. :D
Shiny, something to watch on Friday!
I should really get around to watching my Voltron DVDs (they were so shiny and the cases were made of metal and shaped like the heads of the lion bots, plus the price was right for buying them in bulk and I'm shameless in my love for `80s & `90s action-adventure cartoons--too good to resist). Titan Maximum would likely be that much funnier.

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