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May 27 2009

No Whedon = No Buffy. makes it clear where they stand on a Whedon-less Buffy.

Wasn't Halle Berry's Catwoman essentially a Whedon-free Buffy (supernatural, generational superheroine)? Why would we want to repeat Catwoman?
You may be the first person ever to use that movie and Buffy in a sentence together.
And yet, that's exactly the light this issue needs to be put in. *claps* to Arsenal.
While I agree with what they say, are we supposed to know who Joblo is? OR care?
I'm going to reserve judgment. The new Star Trek =/= the old Star Trek, but both are good. They *might* come up with a new take on Buffy that is interesting... or they might come up with something that sucks beans. However, until we see it, we can't really judge.

Of course, if they tarnish the legacy of Buffy with bad material, I'll be very disappointed. I'm just not going to get disappointed until they do so...
Only partly agree with what they say, i also want a Buffy movie(not an Angel one) made by Joss.
If Joss is not involved one way or another then there's no point what so ever in making one.

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I know Joss isn't planning on doing anything similar any time soon (or ever), but having a mediocre Buffy reboot would probably hurt the chances of the real thing happening. I also wonder what it would do to the comics.

Bah. Trek I understand, it died well before it ended and even a film half as good as Zero would've been better than what we had from that franchise in a long long time. But the Buffyverse is still going strong. It ended on a high note and the comics are nothing short of amazing. It doesn't need to be resuscitated. It's still going strong!
I want a Buffy/Angel movie a few years down the line, when this supernatural/vampire hype has died down. Then Joss should release the movie so (more) people will recognise the complete awesomeness of the Buffyverse and its vampires.
Completely agree:
too soon
Plenty of story left, even if it's just to tie up all the loose ends and let us finally see Buffy retire to her now normal life.
Maybe in another twenty years, and it would have to have the blessing of Joss and people who worked on BtVS the TV series originally - as was the case with nuStar Trek (Majel Barrett and Eugene Roddenberry were in on the process, and Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan's son, and others previously involved with Trek in some way gave the movie their blessing.) People now are not "over" the Buffyverse as envisioned by Joss. If they were, the comics wouldn't be so popular, and James Marsters would be sitting behind a table at conventions wondering if anyone will remember him and approach him for an over-priced autograph.
David may not be busy with movies, however he does have "Bones" which is coming back again next season.

Sarah also has a tv show premiering next season too, I think?
Yeah, I think so peach. Quite ironic that someone who loves the tv-version so much seems to think tv doesn't really count. Still agree with the main point though.
One thing about the Kazuis though, Buffy is not their only thing. I've known their name since I was a little kid, they have their paws in gazillions of television shows, literally.
My issue with a new Buffy movie aside from the fact that it's a heresy is the fact that it would effectively destroy any chance of the possibility of a Buffy movie with Joss and crew. There's no way Joss is gonna make a Buffy sequel or Buffy/Angel finale movie if there's a new Buffy being made too.

If this has to be done, please just call Joss and make it with SMG and all the scoobies. If not, then wait 10 years until everyone is definitely too old and then reboot, but reboot and bring in Xander, Willow, Angel, Giles, etc.
Apparently the Kuzuis were producers of Orgazmo. That makes me slightly less inclined to hate them, since that movie is fantastic. Unless their role in Orgazmo was the same as in Buffy the series.

... nah, still hating.
I think I'm a little bit late 'cause everyone commented already, and I'm in the same mood of almost everybody here. But here I go, knowing a giant fiasco when seeing it coming ;)
And by the way, the tip of bringing to my mind any chance of Buffy/Angel togheter makes me hate the Kuzuis even more _no offense meant, spuffy sunni here.
Is Jobo from Joblo? I've wondered that for quite some time.

Agree with the writer and then some.

Reboot? Fray. By Whedon.

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