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May 27 2009

TV Without Pity on Buffy Movie, actresses for the role, and directors. TWoP suggests actresses and directors for the rebot.

The new film would have no connection to the TV series, to avoid trampling on Whedon's vision Yeah, they really seem to be all about the not-trampling, don't think rights issues will have anything to do with that.
I think this is TWoP, not Yahoo. Story on TWoP.

Also the idea of Kristen Stewart playing Buffy is very upsetting. No offense to the actress, she's just associated too strongly with Twilight.
I'm still on a whole universe of NO to the whole thing.
Daveigh Chase as a proto-Slayer sounds good. Staying away from the usual suspects, including Blake Lively and Hayden Panitierre, goes without saying.
They should think about a Watcher, too. I had suggested John Larroquette, although we ought to think about Michael Emerson or Ray Wise (yep, a Devil who now does the Lord's work and has great suits). Olivia Williams would also be great, but she's busy. Anybody have other suggestions on that role?

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Also the idea of Kristen Stewart playing Buffy is very upsetting. No offense to the actress, she's just associated too strongly with Twilight.

I think I've heard her say she hated the movie and only did it for the money, if that helps...

It probably doesn't, though.
They cant team up with Roy Lee, the only remake that was really any good was The Ring, the others werent that good. Oh God. He's a threat to the Buffyverse.
If this movie doe get made (which it probs will do) I hope that Buffy's sarcastic attitude will show through more (like in season 1) because i loved her attitude towards her duty. She was cocky (in a good way) and for good reason.
I really hope Kristen Stewart or Megan Fox do not get involved with this, especially because: Kristen Stweart is associated with Twilight and no offence but i dont think she could play a kick ass role,And what is it with Megan Fox being considered for every kick ass female in a reboot? First Tomb Raider and now this? Something is seriously going wrong with the world. Megan Fox cannot play this part.
I think that Buffy would be better as a blonde because already there are brunette played characters in the Twilight movie adaption and The Vampire Diaries TV Series adaption. In VD the girl is originally blonde, but TV series, not so much.
There is a reason behind Joss Whedon choosing Buffy as a young blonde girl and its because he kept seeing that young blonde girl getting killed in those teen horrors and he wanted her to basically, fight back.

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La la la la la, I can't hear you.
You know, Michael Emerson as a Watcher would be enough to get me to see this.
Dear Joss,
Please buy all of the rights to Buffy and stop this atrocity before it goes any further.
Thank you.
I want to be all calm and rational like some of my fellow posters but I just can't stop the voice in my head screaming 'NO!' Discussing actresses and directors makes it seem a little too real.
People keep proposing the same actors for every new role because all they see is "OH GAWD, THAT'S HAWT!!!" (and that applies to both male and female viewers). For the most part, whether the actor is right for the proposed part never even enters the equation.
The article is wrong about one thing: Buffy is definitely a blonde.
As much as it pains to to say this,I think if this movie goes ahead they should think about choosing Katie Cassidy to play the part of Buffy.
She's only 22, which maybe young enough to play the part and she plays can play a kick ass fighter. Check out her role in Supernatural season 3, she plays an awesome part :D

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I'd rather have a previously unknown as Buffy -- one who can act, kicks ass, and looks like she's actually in high school. Like SMG at the beginning of the series.
If this movie goes ahead without Joss, it will never get my money. I'm not even going to consider pondering who should be cast!
So what stage are we at?

We've had Shock, Denial, Anger. Is this Bargaining?

So just Depression and Acceptance to go?
Repeated for emphasis, from cronopiogal's comment above: La la la la la, I can't hear you.
Just for the record, I've been making bets with myself about how long it would take for a certain person's name to be entered in to all the crazy speculation out there. Not long at all I'm afraid.
Blake Lively is not a great choice IMO. Her range is untested. So are her action chops and comic timing, both of which are essential to anyone aspiring to the Buffy role.
You know it's going to be Hayden Panettiere.

She already has the outfit.
I think so lol
Casting (in no order) --

Danielle Savre -- ("Heroes" Season 1) -- obscure, young, right look, but talented enough?

Alona Tal -- ("Veronica Mars", "Supernatural") -- perfect look, talented, but at 26, already too old for a relaunch?

Hayden Panettiere -- ("Heroes") -- the right look, proven genre cred, young enough, but is she already too familiar as Claire?

Anna Kendrick -- ("Twilight") -- if you're going to cash in on "Twilight", cash in on "Twilight", right? Her look is almost more Charisma's Cordy than Sarah's Buffy, but she's pretty, young, and her role in "Twilight" had a sort of squint-and-she's-Buffy personality. But is it a gimmick?

Olivia Thirlby -- ("Juno") -- Got the comedy chops, young enough, but too much "indie" cred to slum it in a genre flick?

(If I were going to rank these 5, I'd say 1) Tal, 2) Thirlby, 3) Panettiere, 4) Kendrick, 5) Savre.)

Scriptwriters with no ties to Joss: David Goyer, Diablo Cody.

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Olivia was the blonde best friend in Juno right? I could totally see that! Also, Brian Vaughn would be perfect. That guy's never written anything less than awesome. Diablo Cody has the dialogue skills but can she do action/suspense??
Yeah, she was Leah, the cheerleader in "Juno". She was one of the first people I thought of.

Diablo Cody just wrote a zombie movie that's also apparently a high school comedy, so... well, y'know.
Candice Nicole, Alexandra Lee or Mimi Paley.
I deffinatley vote for Katie Cassidy to play the part as Buffy. In my eyes she would be the best choice, If not her then an Unknown actress.
Danielle Panabaker
I love Danielle Panabaker (not sure why though...), Though I'm not sure how she'd do as Buffy.
So what stage are we at?

We've had Shock, Denial, Anger. Is this Bargaining?

So just Depression and Acceptance to go?

How about a new one - Avoidance? My internet break of almost a whole day wasn't long enough. This still sucks.


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Well, I'd probably feel safer with Brian Vaughn, but if Diablo's zombie flick looked good, I could see her doing a bang-up job too. She's got the crackling dialogue and writes youth extremely well.

In terms of casting, Thirlby might be the best choice from among known commodities, but I still think an unknown might be the way to go. Someone who can look like the cheerleader, without being soft or vapid, and at the same time deliver the one-liners while kicking ass. Hayden Penettiere I think would be a big mistake. She has no edge, no dark side, and no sly wit.

See, I think the Buffy movie today might actually work, and could attract much stronger talent than it did in the early nineties. The difference is that we now have the show to back up the concept. Joss has already shown that the Buffy premise is pure gold when properly executed. And a lot of great young writers today are fans of the show (see, e.g., BKV), and I would suspect a lot of smart actors are too.

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We've had Shock, Denial, Anger.

OMG! This is so similar to what Georges said our reaction would be to finding out who Twilight is that the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. I also remember "Shame" being in there...

I guess we have our answer. Twilight is Fran Rubel Kuzui. It isn't the end of magic Twilight is after at all. It's the end of the magic that is Buffy.
I think it should be a REAL reboot.

Jorge Garcia.
Im pretty happy to stick with the 'it cant shit on the program even if its horrendous, so why not' attitude.

And please. Not Hayden Panettiere. She's infected with the Heroes virus now.
I can't even bring myself to think about this. lalalalala....closes ears. I'm still in the denial phase.
The author makes some decent points. One thing I agree with is that IF they remake Buffy, they shouldn't have a blonde slayer, so as to avoid comparisons with SMG. I love Olivia Thirlby, but what about Ellen Page (Juno)?
Ellen Page has the personality, but IMO just doesn't look the part. I feel strongly that Buffy has to be the blonde cheerleader type. She has to look like the stereotype she's going to subvert.
If they really want to take Buffy in a different direction, I think they should leap ahead to Buffy's future and cast Rosanna Arquette.

I'm still not looking forward to it, in contrast to the Tim Burton-Johnny Depp remake of Dark Shadows, for which I do hold out some hope.
Here's an 18-year-old: Kristen Alderson has been on One Life To Live for 12 years and has the blonde cheerleader look down pat.
Man I can't believe that people here are discussing this as if it's nothing. This is a serious kick in the head to Joss, Sarah, the entire cast and the fans. I wouldn't give these people one dime of my money.
"Philip Seymour Hoffman as Buffy," she said grimly, homicidal glint in her eye.

That's about summarises how I feel about that remake.
cheryl: "Man I can't believe that people here are discussing this as if it's nothing. This is a serious kick in the head to Joss, Sarah, the entire cast and the fans. I wouldn't give these people one dime of my money."

We've already had several threads to jump up and down and go "Wah!", this thread is about how they would cast the movie if they were stupid enough to make it.

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They want to make a Buffy movie? Great! How about remaking the original film properly, the way Joss intended it, with Joss's own casting and total creative control?

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Then... don't?

I'm taking Joss at his word and "hoping it's cool." A good cast and good crew and good script would go a long way to making sure it is, in fact, "cool".
I don't think Sarah would mind at all. She's said she doesn't want to play this part again anyway. As for Joss, his only reaction so far is "I hope it's cool." If he's got no problem with it, I don't either. To say it's a "serious kick in the head" seems to me like a serious overreaction.

Worst case scenario, we get a crap movie, and the series continues to appear brilliant, and even more so by comparison to the crap movie. Best case scenario, we get an awesome reimagining of one of my favorite shows ever. Again, to paraphrase Xander in Tabula Rasa: "Me like Buffy. Me glad."
Sarah has never said that she doesn't want to play this role again, in fact, at Paley she said that "They" were watching the success of the SITC movie to gage potential viability in a movie. She also said with the right script.

FTR, I love Buffy. Joss's Buffy. SMG as Buffy. The Buffy who has a mother, A Watcher as the father figure, a core group of friends and a couple of souled vampires.

King...I don't believe that Joss is just skipping down the street cool with this development. What is he going to say? Publically?

That makes sense Cabri, thanks.
Cheryl, it wouldn't be the least bit scandalous or controversial for Joss to openly disapprove. It's very commonplace for someone who started something to criticize new versions of it without them. See Alan Moore and "Watchmen". See Apollo from the original BSG. William Shatner and the new "Star Trek" movie. These are just recent ones. There's no stigma or criticism Joss would be inviting to say something at least as snarky as he said about the original movie.

Now, Vertigo has produced at least three movies with Sarah Michelle Gellar, so maybe she could realistically be involved, but I doubt as the lead. That would sure be a huge fight in the fandom, for Sarah to be doing a Buffy movie that Joss isn't involved in.

I'm sticking with Alona Tal or Olivia Thirlby as my favorites for it.

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No, it wouldn't be scandalous but it wouldn't be his style either. It would be hard for him to say much of anything at the moment regarding the rebooting, as he doesn't even know the details. I would imagine he feels about like we do right now. A cross between laughing hysterically at the sheer stupidity of such an endeavor and wanting to vomit. He doesn't deserve this, whether you happen to think he cares or not.

I have seen nothing to suggest that SMG is involved with this in any way. Until I do, I won't entertain the notion.
I'm over this Buffy movie. Unless something drastic happens, this link and the one above and probably one later on today will be the last entries on the matter for a few days.
Anyone else wanna marry Simon?

Just not, yanno, in California?
I'm surprised they didn't say JJ Abrams... he'd obviously be a terrible choice.
Thank you Simon!
Hmmm... I'm taking an early Buffy "Eww!" approach to this whole "re-vamped" Buffy movie. I would understand if maybe Joss were to take a "I want to make it better" approach (which, as we all know, he wouldn't do), but someone else doing it seems sacrilegious.

Haven't we suffered enough with remakes? Remakes, for the sake of profit?
@xerox - Obviously? It must not be that obvious, since I have no idea what you're talking about. Some of us LIKE Abrams, thank you very much.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I'll just say this: The reactions to this "reboot" news (you know, the one where apparently the world will now surely end in a biblical apocalypse?) has been kind of ridiculous, in my opinion. I mean, as I'm to understand it, this is just someone wanting to do their own Slayer story, not about Buffy or anyone else from previous incarnations. Kind of like a Tales of the Slayers installment. And what about countless fan fiction stories? Nobody seems to have a problem with those. Hell, I've even written some myself. Or, what about productions that ARE about Buffy, like BBtL? None of that has any involvement from the original cast, writers or creators. Stage performances of Dr. Horrible? People seem to love those.

Now, I know what you're going to say, "But, but, no! See, that's all made with love from the fans!" Well, how do we know the writing and/or directing duties aren't going to end up in the hands of some mega-fan? Somebody who's dreamed for years of the opportunity to play in the world of the Slayer mythology? Remember, there was a time when Drew Goddard was a humble fanatic about Buffy, and look what happened there.

I'm not saying that's GOING to happen, just that it COULD. Why so cynical and pessimistic? We live in a world where a Bollywood version of "Fight Club" not only exists, but has done quite well for itself. Did it ruin the original movie or book? No (at least, in my estimation). How about the musical adaptation of Spider-Man, with the big name performers?

I have no clue in regards to the outcome of all this, but I'm also not going to immediately assume the absolute worst. I just can't live that way. Putting such negative energy out there like that is like willing it to be bad and fail, like saying, "I'm not going to pass the big test tomorrow." Well, of course not. Not with THAT attitude. :)
I love Deveigh Chase, for both Big Love (in which she is rather awesome) and because she was Lilo!

I probably shouldn't love Lilo and Stitch as much as I do but pff :p
Anyone else wanna marry Simon?

Just not, yanno, in California?

Ha ha ... sniffle.

This topic is hilarious. But really, I don't see the bad in it. I'm envisioning a gazillion reviews that say: "skip this movie, watch the series."
If the Kuzuis decide that they are creative artists, the movie could be just terrible. If they just do what they wisely did throughout the televised seasons and just collect a check while they and/or Vertigo find extremely talented people with a vision to bring to the screen, it could be very good.

I think what I find interesting here is that I'm thinking of this in the context of Season 8. Since Season 8 started, I've seen people pile on about how Joss has lost the characters or the story, how they read better fanfic, how it needs actors, etc. AND YET, here's this movie, which is basically fanfic-with-budget in terms of the Joss canon, without Joss (who supposedly lost his touch with it anyway)... I mean, this should be the Season 8 hater's dream, shouldn't it?
Thank you Simon. Enough - bleck.
Okay, this could be distressing.

On the one hand, I don't want to support this movie even one tiny bit.

On the other hand, if they hire BKV to write it - who is very high on my 'favorite writers' list, and already associated with Joss through the comics - I might actually have to watch it. But my lack of faith in this reboot is such, that I don't believe for one tiny minute they'll hire quality people. Hell, for all we know, Kuzui'll end up directing and messing this thing up all over again.

Also, I'm with Simon. I've pretty much had it with this movie. Wouldn't mind not reading about it and not discussing it for a while. At least untill we get actual confirmation on things. I'm still mostly hoping it'll just go away.
Oh, I do not want this movie. But if it ever came to pass there is only one person for the role, and that is Mia Wasikowska. She's only 18, can play 16 perfectly with a perfect American accent and is very pretty but not gorgeous. Plus she can act circles around anyone else mentioned here.

She was Sophie on In Treatment. She kills!
I'd quite like to see Kristen Stewart play Fray if such a film ever gets made. Having seen her in something other than that blasted vampire film the girl can act, plus she's got Fray's "I don't want to be doing this" attitude pretty spot on.
I think the visceral reaction is a visceral reaction to the people behind this, and the treatment fans perceive Joss & his vision of Buffy have receieved at their hands in the past.

It also is just a wee bit icky - no matter how legal - to have Joss currently writing & supervising "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Season 8 in comics, and have these people announce they want to do their own reboot movie without so much as talking to him first.

If it had been that Joss wasn't currently working on anything Buffy, and if it had been anyone *other* than those two, I think fan reaction would've been much less volatile, overall.

And "Bargaining" didn't work out too well, in a way that is fairly apropos to this conversation. ;)
The voice of reason, thanks Simon

All this Rebuffy nonsense has me waivering between suicidal and homicidal feelings. Homicidal is currently winning.
Am I the only one that thinks there's a very good chance this will never happen? The wheels behind the scenes are just so complicated, it's really surprising any movie ever gets made. Neil Gaiman has a good analogy where he compares working in Hollywood to fairy gold (the kind that turns to flower petals soon after it's given to you). You do the work, you get paid, then the project you worked so hard on never sees the light of day (the actual work of art is the fairy gold here). Look at Good Omens a few years ago, it had Gilliam and Depp pretty much ready to go, but it just never happened (due to what I would say is a rather small amount of money). I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. But the biz seems to be all about buzz, and the buzz on this is highly negative (for the most part) and it was never a record-breaking franchise in the first place (VERY dear to my heart, though, don't mistake that last statement for criticism).
No, you are not alone. I don't think this will ever get made, either.
"Philip Seymour Hoffman as Buffy," she said grimly, homicidal glint in her eye.

Okay. That I would have to see. I'd pay money and everything.
But if it ever came to pass there is only one person for the role, and that is Mia Wasikowska. She's only 18, can play 16 perfectly with a perfect American accent and is very pretty but not gorgeous.

Well, you finally convinced me to seek out some of her work on the old 'tube, Dana after mentioning Sophie here, oh, I guess, a couple of times or so ;). And although I've now only seen a couple of her scenes out of context of the episodes themselves, she does seem like a very talented actress. Somewhat remeniscent of Claire Danes in My So-Called Life, I feel based on these few impressions. I think she'd be a great choice. And as such, she obviously won't get picked by Kuzui ;)
I'm over this Buffy movie. Unless something drastic happens, this link and the one above and probably one later on today will be the last entries on the matter for a few days.
Simon | May 28, 07:19 CET

Thank you, great goddess and god and all the lords of Kobol (and Simon, of course). And could you make that for a few decades, unless contracts are signed? ;)

I've refused to read anything but the first brief announcement, but gave in to curiosity and checked out the comments on this one.
Denial, bargaining, whatever .... nooo, just total disgust. That's it, back to join the Lalala'ers, fingers firmly in ears.

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