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May 27 2009

O.G. Buffy: Consumed, Enjoyed. The Alert Nerd blog posts an article by Sarah, a long time fan of 'Buffy' the TV series, about watching the original 'Buffy' movie for the first time.

Her "red badge of nerdage" bit made me want to cheer.
I have a page devoted to this movie, which I saw before the TV show because my town didn't have a WB station at the time. It was cheesy, and made me appreciate the TV show even more.
Great review. Its nice to see a different perspective on the movie than those of the "It was funny when I wrote it" variety. I always did enjoy Donald Sutherland and Paul Reubens's performances in that flick. So where can I get one of these red badges of nerdage? I'm gonna earn it when I proudly avoid the upcoming GI Joe movie.
I didn't think about it while watching the movie, but the "Yes, I am," moment is totally a Joss moment. Good call, Author Sarah.
That was actually a very fun little movie. I would never have cared enough about the premise behind Buffy the show to watch it if I hadn't liked Buffy the movie. I *liked* the goofball coach. I liked the "Benny, you on something?" scene. It was mostly the action sequences that were pitiful.

And there were great moments that I think still reflected the core of what Joss did with the show, and I think Kristy Swanson did well with them when they were there. The "Yes, I am" scene is definitely one. So is the entire pre-fight dance with Pike. So is the entire "Did I do all that?" So was the scene with Merrick where she gets him to crack a joke.

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I have never understood the hate for the original movie. I saw it in the theatre as a kid and it has always been special to me. There are lots of great moments and you can definitely see Joss shining through in most of them.
Also, the soundtrack was like super awesome. I had it on tape.
I think if you go back and read other posts on the site, the hate comes from two things. One, it's easy because it wasn't a hit and so its easy (and sexier) to say, "and Joss succeeded in spite of this." And two, Joss and Fran had arguments and you're on a Joss Whedon fan site.

The movie was by no means great. But it also wasn't as bad as it gets made out either. It was average but decent for what it was intended to be.
Ahhh, the Buffy movie. Such good times in my childhood. That and Interview with the Vampire were the start of my vamp obsession. Paul Reubens death still has me cracking up with laughter every time I see it. I'm usually dying by the time he starts to kick the wall. *nostalgic* It's just great, I've never been too ashamed to admit I loved the movie, lol.
This was always a guilty pleasure for me. I used to have the movie poster but it's long gone. I was always confused about the "burning down the gym" thing in the series, though, until I read the comic based on the original script. Very cool.

Reubens was a highlight, for sure, and I love when he popped back up for one more groan during the credits.
The best two things about the movie (and the only two things I'll remember, other than Kristy Swanson looking good in shorts) are the "Yes, I am" line and Paul Reubens' hilarious death scene that goes on and on and on after he's been staked. That was great! lol
The biggest problem with the movie is the portrayal of the vampires. Seeing it on TV the other night, it was embarrassing watching these crappy actors running around with eye shadow, crappy novelty vampire teeth and going "rarr, rarr". Besides that, the editing is terrible, the camera work static, and the cinematography bland. Read the novelisation which captures the essence of what Joss went on to achieve with the TV series. It's based on a version of the script before Donald Sutherland rewrote Merrick's death scene from a shocking suicide, to a blathering death speech.

And I'm probably alone in thinking Paul Reuben's death scene sums up the problems with the movie. In the novelisation it's an awesome finish for Buffy. In the movie it's just someone taking the piss.

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I've got it! In the sound and fury signifying something of the Buffyverse, the original movie was the Benjy Section!!!!!!!!!1

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