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May 28 2009

Already become a fan of "Cabin in the Woods" on Facebook? Was searching Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's new film on Facebook and came about the [possibly] official fanpage and preliminary teaser poster.

Hmm. Asking.
I love Joss and all (of course!) but it seems weird to declare oneself a fan of something one hasn't even seen yet.
Nothing wrong with being a fan of something that you haven't seen yet since all it does is expose others to the goodness that is Whedonverse. And, I mean, seriously, who really cares what people post on Facebook anyway?
Hmm, I indeed wonder if that's the official teaser poster. I for one don't really like the typeface used, it looks cheap-ish.
I doubt it, but I'm waiting on word.
Since the title is wrong (it should be "The Cabin In The Woods"), I don't think this is official.
Amongst other suspect bits, yes.
I was a fan of the Dollhouse Facebook page before the show aired. Until they spammed my feed with spoilers about halfway into the season.

Note to promotional people: don't do that.

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