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May 27 2009

Summer Glau on Dollhouse?'s Ausiello quotes Joss: "If anybody thinks [bringing Summer onto Dollhouse] hasn't occurred to me already then they have not met me." This link contains spoilers for other shows.

Yeah, if he's already talking characters, I definitely expect to see her on the show next year. And wouldn't a chatty Cockney be fun? ;)
And not as a doll, thank heavens.
Someone might want to edit to mention in the post that there are spoilers for other shows at this link.
Yes yes yes!!!

ETA: "There's always a girl," says Boyd in "Omega." Are we gonna see a "Chinatown" ep for Boyd? Cuz Summer could play a girl.

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Sounds good to me!
I said a few weeks ago that she shouldn't play a Doll, she should play someone "Normal". Yay me!

So she's now rumoured to be on Dollhouse, playing Lara Croft AND be the new Buffy.

I can see her agent with the Dollar signs in his eyes and the "Ka-Chinng!" noise.
Sorry, b!x, I don't normally post links. Should I add a regular spoiler tag? Or just write in that there are spoilers for other shows?

*iz dumb*

Anyway, I certainly needed this good news!
I'm actually not sure of the rule of thumb on spoilers for other shows in terms of the tag, but at least mention it in the post, yeah.
Oh, and maybe not as a dancer. Let's let her stretch her wings some. :)
This made my day!
"sound of the Whedonverse exploding" indeed.
*huge squee*
My pick: A straight-laced (and, if he wants to, talks-too-much) bigwig from The Center come to audit the LA Dollhouse. Or maybe the tech assistant of said bigwig. Make her audit Topher.
Well, it's hardly shocking that it has occurred to Joss. It occurred to just about everybody.

It IS interesting that he actually talked to her about it. I wonder if she's going to have time next year. Isn't she rumored to have some movie lined up? It would be best if she were a semi-regular guest star, not just a one-episode character, you know?
Ooooo, the bigwig comes to the Dollhouse with her gaggle of assistants and one of them is very snoopy, cute, and talking to all the staff like she's a peon and she turns out to be Adelle's new corporate-mandated "assistant". Oh, wait, I just spoiled it for you. :(
Yeah, I'm sure Joss was immediately scheming to get Summer on the show. Big surprise there.
So, how many people here think Joss arranged with Fox to get TSCC cancelled just so he could get Summer on Dollhouse? ;-D
I know! She could be the slightly annoyed secretary who mans the front desk of the supposed Rossum Corp. office upstairs, the one who no one in their right mind would bother or offend lest they incur her secretarial wrath.

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My only disappointment would be that Summer has such a good acting range that if she turned out to be a doll it wouldn't be a surprise (to some of us at least).

I called Dr. Saunders after Episode 1. Fred and Illyria? Hello?

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[redacted], is that you?
Well if there were going to be a silver lining to T:TSSC getting cancelled this is it.

But if she's in Dollhouse than how can she be the new Slayer in that movie? ;)
She should be a doll that is actually a robot.

It could be the big midseason reveal. Oh wait Summer is a doll... OH double wait she is a doll that is also a robot.
Yeah. A robot tasked with passing itself off as a doll in order to infiltrate and subvert the Dollhouse operation itself.
Oh my god. I'm way to excited right now for what little was said, but that would be incredible. Some great news to wash the nasty taste of the BINO movie!
"The most fun I have is when I get somebody who's good and comfortable at doing something, and then I make them do something else."

That guy is such a poop would make - well, is - such a good teacher.

Nothing gives you more than venturing out of your comfort zone, and sometimes it's so hard to get there on your own. I'm sure Summer would love to get a chance to stretch in another direction, and he is just the guy to put her on that ol' rack. ("No hair-acting!!" "Now you must sing!")

Yay. Silver lining.
I am so glad Joss agrees with us about casting her as something other than a doll (because we all know she could do that better than anyone else in her sleep), but I'm not surprised. He's a smart guy.
I'd love her as an interfering agent of some kind.
She could be a client.
Maybe she could be one of the Dollhouse masseuses. We haven't seen much of them anyway, so I think it could be doable. Then she could strike up a burgeoning relationship with Topher or something like that.
But if she were a doll Joss could get her barefoot again. ;-)
Another possibility is that Summer plays a regular person (not a Doll), but there's always the possibility that she can be sent to the attic or become a contractor in the future. Hmm, so many possibilities...
But normal girls don't last many episodes!
I think she should be Victor's former girlfriend/wife. I think those two would work great together.
Summer could never be a doll. She would be taking the spotlight from the main star.
Yay! I hope it some awesome part that I never would have dreamt up. Kind of like Stephen Kepler before he went all crazy.
A handler. The new doctor. FBI agent that Loomis gets interested in the case. Rossum's daughter. Alpha's captive. Ballard's ex-wife.

Ooh, this is fun!
Ooh, I like the Ballard's ex-wife idea. Makes sense that after they break up he'd start obsessing over another petite brunette.
Caroline's sister? They look quite alike in the photo. Although my vote would be for Ballard's sister or best friend. An outside (the Dollhouse) person to humanize and ground Ballard would be a good thing. I'll take Summer in any role though, she's fantastic.
Oh, all of these are awesome ideas. I especially love the one about Victor, archon. Enver is quickly becoming one of my favorites on the show, and I do think they'd be brilliant together.

She could be our contact with the outside world this season--he's disappeared but she doesn't know where, she comes looking for him, tangles with the Dollhouse....
My gosh, what I told my uncle was correct. He was so annoyed that TSCC was cancelled because he was never going to see "Cameron" again that I told him to wait until next season since she'll more than likely pop up on Dollhouse, lol. My problem is that I don't get why the same people have to show up on every one of Joss' shows. *shrugs* I understand they're good actors but at least try to branch out and make new connections with other people. It's almost like a clique at this point. :-P
Like Enver, Dichen, Olivia, Harry, Tahmoh, Miracle and Fran?
I'm sure every director re-uses favorite actors, but not every director has a fandom dedicated to picking apart and/or hallelujah-ing his every casting decision.
Lirazel, I can just perfectly envision how the scene would play out if she finally caught up with Victor after all this time and sees what has been done to him. Maybe that could be the beginning of her realization that he isn't who he used to be. Perhaps it could be a moment like in Angel's "I Will Remember You" episode where the imprint breaks down for a few minutes allowing the real person in Victor to emerge just long enough to communicate with Summer (of course, they'd have to explain how he retained his memory of her... maybe he loved her so much that they couldn't erase her from his memory).

EDIT: Plus, we'd have the whole triangle-thing going between Victor, Sierra, and Summer, and who doesn't love that stuff? ESPECIALLY when there's no clear winner.

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To hacksaway: Like Dushku, Acker, Tudyk, Sheppard. Not to mention writers Craft, Fain, Minnear, Espensen, Bellomo, Tancharoen and director Solomon. So yeah, on a new show that's only had 14 episodes that's quite a bit of previous coworkers.

I'm not trying to purposely nitpick at his decisions as to who he chooses to work with but when you have an entire thread here with people saying that they saw this sort of thing coming, I don't really see that as a good thing. It just seems like he's sort of in a rut. :s
But what a wonderful rut it is :D
I'd disagree. Consider how many new faces there are, if we're counting guest stars as well. Four previously-used people is nothing considering how many people have been on the show so far.
... Liza Lapira, Aisha Hinds, Reed Diamond, Kevin Kilner, Erin Cummings, Angel Desai...

Personally, I liked the old days (though I did not personally live through them, old though I may be) when a producer/director often had a repertory company, and used & re-used his writers & actors at will - like Orson Welles with his Mercury Theatre actors. It was quite the norm, and it was considered by many that the relationships allowed the theatre experience to deepen and be enriched by that knowledge.

You know, a loaf of bread only cost 25 and you could get a steak dinner for $2. Really. And the tomatoes didn't taste like cardboard, and the doctor came right to your house when you were sick.

What are you looking at?!! You kids get off my lawn now!

But it's true. Repeated experiences creating together ain't necessarily a sign of being in a rut.
I don't see an issue with him working with people he works well with. I especially don't understand how anyone could have a problem with Joss using the same writers. These are people he trusts to work in his world with his characters and come up with compelling stories. Why should it matter to us that Tim Minear has written episodes for three of his shows? That is hardly a rut - Minear's episodes often rival Joss Whedon's own writing.

As far as cast, Joss himself has stated he wanted to populate Dollhouse mostly with new people and not all his old friends, but there is nothing wrong with him using a terrific actor more than once.
The possibilities are endless. Summer is a doll herself, so any role will be perfect for her. I'm particularly liking the idea of her being from The Center or some other higher-tier-of-Rossum-than-thou. Or someone from a neighboring Dollhouse. Chicago or Manhattan, perhaps?
So, less than a handful of familiar actors in a vast sea of new faces. Yep, that's one Hell of a casting rut there.
Can Dollhouse afford to cast Summer?
I expect as Dollhouse gets more established, more new writers will come on-board, too. It makes sense that for a first season, which is tough for any show, he'd want a crew he already knows he can work with. In the future he can take risks by hiring on inexperienced writers. Although it may also be an issue of rewriting. Joss has said that back in the day, he would sometimes rewrite whole Buffy scripts. With two kids, he might not have that luxury (er... maybe not the right word) and so wants people he can pretty much guarantee won't need a page-one rewrite from him. Hence, old buddies.
I had something very clever to say but some how it just comes out as a big sigh and a smile.
Summer would add interest and viewership to the show. Fox may have an interest in keeping Summer working on Fox projects - she may even have or get an agreement ike Eliza and Tim have. I venture to guess that Summer's addition would be worth the cost.
Dream Come True Nerdgasm
I'm far too excited to make guesses about particulars, but I'll bet she'll play a strong female character.
Summer DeWitt?

I could so see her playing Adelle DeWitt's daughter.

The villain, she'll be the villain goshdangit! I mean come on, the last four seasons of television that Joss has done have all featured a Firefly vet as a recurring baddy. Nathan in Buffy, Gina and Adam in Angel and most recently Alan in Dollhouse. Joss could of course decide to change this pattern up a bit, but honestly I get a kick out of watching the crew of Serenity terrorize other Whedonverse heroes.
right now I'm sooo praying they can somehow pull it out :p

I would ♥ Summer in Dollhouse (or anywhere near Joss, really).
Is she under contract with FOX?
Just to add to the "Joss hires his friends again and again" discussion, remember he didn't hire Eliza. She hired him!
Angel TheVampire, Summer was counted as a "WB Star", I know that much. I don't know if she had a development deal.
I bet Summer is the kind of girl that all other girls hate because she's better.
This would be awesome. Plus it sounds like it's actually likely, which helps.
Whedonesque brought me a massive smile to my face after all the gloom and doom the past few days.
Ooooo, the bigwig comes to the Dollhouse with her gaggle of assistants and one of them is very snoopy, cute, and talking to all the staff like she's a peon and she turns out to be Adelle's new corporate-mandated "assistant". Oh, wait, I just spoiled it for you. :(

I'm giving this one to cabri, for my favorite idea of the topic.
Maybe Fillion can drop by for a guest appearance and we can have the 'cowboy actives in space' episode. Surely that must be some rich guy's fantasy.
Of course, it will have to be the series ender, since Wash-Alpha will crash the ship... or be killed if they get a pickup for S3.

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I can just see it now. Some rich guy who is obsessed with a tv show that never got its due and pays to have it recreated. With him as the resident "red shirt" so as not to spoil all the other lovelies acting around him. Awesome!

Can I be rich now?
I love the idea of Ballard's ex, or some kind of official nemesis for him -- an agent with OPR, for instance.

OR -- Caroline's sister, or "Victor"'s sister (or wife?), on the trail trying to find out what happened to their loved one.

OR -- a professional rival for Adelle of some kind, who wants her job, like a Gavin to her Lilah.

OR -- Dominic's NSA handler.
I think it'd be interesting to see her as a doll who's already completed her 5 years (if it actually ever happens). Was it worth it? Any lingering stress effects or residual memories? Lots of things to explore there.
Make her audit Topher.

I would LOVE to see this, bix! They would drive each other nuts! It'd be great! :D
Isn't it kind of the point of doll that you'd have to play many different roles? I thought the "doll thing" was more or less thought up imagining a way for Eliza to showcase her talents.

Really hope Joss continues the awesome "tradition" of a having Firefly star as villian per season (nicely noticed, Thuddles).

Anyway, more Summer would be awesome of course. Hope she'll appear (and stay on long).
Summer Glau + Joss Whedon = INSTANT WIN BUTTON
I think a director/writer can only have a "casting rut" if the people that are cast suck. All of Joss' repeats are fantastic. I keep waiting for Jonathan M. Woodward to show up on Dollhouse, and I'd love it if he got a more substantive role than Holden, Tracy, or Knox.
I love the idea of her being associated with Ballard. Especially as his no nonsense ex who still holds a bit of a torch or something...

Squee! : D
I love the masseuse idea someone had. Maybe she sees how tense Topher is, massages him, and things get complicated. With Amy Acker (maybe) gone, Topher will be missing a female to play off of/have complicated relationship with, which I think is when Topher is best. Also it will helpe us delve into the particulars of the Dollhouse. How do the masseuses kept quiet, how are they trusted? Are their brains altered? What do they think of this crazy shit?

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Summer said she wanted to play a "normal girl" before she died of extreme old age.

Was I the only one who watched Mammoth?

Oh wait, yes, yes I was.
I get a kick out of watching the crew of Serenity terrorize other Whedonverse heroes.

Thanks Thuddles - I laughed so hard when I read that, and I agree. But I also like the ideas of her being someone from Victor's life. Those two actors together would be wonderful and I would love to see it!
Aidan, no, you weren't. Saw it on TV here a while ago and liked it.

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