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May 28 2009

Write-up and video of Joss at last month's Harvard Humanism Award Ceremony. A new write-up (with cool cake photos) to accompany the five minute video clip of Joss speaking at Harvard on April 10th, 2009, when he was presented with their "Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism"

"So You Think You Can Pope?!" I'd watch that.

Fantastic speech.
Really awesome speech. Great quality too.
I remember seeing this a while back. Brilliant speech.
Shall they ever put the whole thing online? Either as video or text?
Hmm... As far as judge catch phrases go for "So You Think You Can Pope?", the only one sticking out of my mind is a Mark Holden-like "Benediction!"
Still waiting for the full audio podcast of the event that was promised. The rest of his speech and the Q&A from Harvard students were both fantastic.
This is something I really would have liked to attend. I would also like to have a podcast of the whole talk.
Isn't he giving a thing at Wesleyan this weekend?
The designer of the Harvard Memorial Church probably thought he was clever with that gold eagle, but the cake reigned supreme that day!
Thanks so much for posting this. The photos are worth perusing, there are some real keepers.
That is if you're enough of a nerd to have a "Joss" folder in your Pictures. ;)

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