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May 28 2009

Clinton McLung considers where some of Sunnydale's lesser-known alumni are now. The man who brought us the OMWF Singalong is throwing a ten-year Sunnydale High School Reunion. Also check out the slideshow featuring our favorite characters.

But isn't an exclamation point a little out-of-character for Oz?
Scott Hope as concert violinist :)

I love the Queer as Folk reference.

I got almost none of those references.
I don't get it. Where is the funny?
I thought "did you guys hear the rumor about Buffy Summers?" was pretty funny.
I love that the Marcie Ross one references Clea Duvall's Heroes role.
I liked that, I thought it was really clever and mildly amusing.
I thought the Marcie one was just a reference to Marcie being an invisible superspy? I guess we can appreciate it as either. The Scott Hope / Lance Brooks ones were nice too. A big Buffy geek clearly wrote these. Oh, and the Season Eight reference with the Willow/Amy and Harmony mentions were nice too.
I have got to give props to this Buffy fan, who did his own reunion inspired web page a couple of years ago. That was a jumping off point (and with many funnier gags - I had to throw this together kind of last minute for Time Out).

And, yeah, the Marcie reference was a bit of a Heroes reference - though I imagine that is probably what they would be using her for, anyway. Or assassination. Hmmm...she could show up in Season 8. Sent by the government to take down Buffy.
If they get Lance, Billy Palmer should have said something too.
Technically Marcie didn't graduate, at least not from Sunnydale High.

And I just was thinking; maybe Michael is Twilight!!!!!!!!!

Was Michelle Blake a Cordette? Or was she in a different snob squad? (I'm trying to put together a complete Cordette membership list for the "The Way We Were" chapter of my mega-fic "The Admirer.")
Michelle wasn't a Cordette, but she was a popular girl. Cordelia was pretty mean to her in Homecoming.

Here's who I know of:
Gwen Ditchik (Inca Mummy Girl/Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered)
Katherine Wexford (Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered - the Cordette who Cordy insists has to change outfits)
Aphrodesia (Welcome to Hellmouth - and sometimes shown as a Cordette)
Aura (Apparently Cordelia's only actual friend in the Cordettes, she called Cordy in Rm w/a Vu)

And Harmony, of course. And maybe Anya for all of like 5 minutes.

And a bunch of unnamed ones - like the Cordette played by Nicole Bilderback in The Wish.

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Maybe the FBI finagled Marci an honorary diploma?
Buffy SingALong: Good solution for Marcie.

And thanks for the info, that'll be a help. I figured Blue (played by PErsia White in "WTTH") was also a Cordette since she was so friendly with Afrodesia and Aura. And I did a bit of "Nurse Kelly" with the East Asian Cordette and figured she really was named Nicole also.

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