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May 28 2009

Alan Tudyk on stage in LA and New York in September and October. He'll feature in "An Evening Without Monty Python," co-directed by Eric Idle, and co-starring Hank Azaria and Jane Leeves, among others.

I'm so tired that when I read the article, I thought: "Oh! I hope they do the Tarzan audition skit!" Then I realized that was Moore and Cook. So did Python do their TV skits on stage or vice-versa? If so, Minister of Funny Walks please, and Spam, Argument Clinic, The Lumberjack Song...
... Whedonverse-actors-in-theatre trifecta complete? :)
Another cast member - Jim Piddock - must also be mentioned. He played the most unhelpful Valet in Angel season 2 episode "The Trial" and Biz in Dollhouse episode "Stage Fright".

2 Whedonverse alums for the price of 1!!
Posters: Don't be shy about adding some detail to your link, to answer such questions as What is this link about? Why might I be interested? When is this happening? I provide a handy example above.

Also, please punctuate if the link title is a complete sentence. And an item about Alan that is not about Dollhouse goes in the category "Cast&Crew," not "Dollhouse." Thanks for listening.

Tonya: Python were on TV first, then took their show to the people.
I'll restrain from writing the exact same thing I just wrote about James Marsters's play..

I don't think we've ever had three play links in a row. Talented bunch of actors.
Alan Tudyk replaced Azaria in Spamalot so it is nice they are working together now. It would be a fun show to see.
Maybe they could say it's Python?

Sorry, I can't resist:

Tarzan Audition
I had the pleasant surprise of seeing Alan (expecting Azaria) in Spamalot on my honeymoon in NYC. He was fantastic.
Tickets are going to be on sale Monday 6/1 on Ticketmonster. It's labeled as a pre-sale but I think that means internet only.

Tickets prices are $40-$55.
I can afford that. And my birthday is September... (the rationalizations to go are only beginning!) And I won't be going to Comic Con... Hmm. :)
Well the presale was a joke - no tickets available after only 30 seconds online - if you want to try the presale password is "python".
I take everything back I said about the Python ticket sale - I guess it was a snafu on Ticketmaster's side - all set now!!!!

Password is still "Python".
Presale for Los Angeles is up too. Presale is also "Python"
Today I was able to get third row orchestra seats for the 10/10 performance in NYC!! Birthday present for my husband (who is a huge Alan Tudyk fan). Plenty of good seats still available and Python is still working for the password.

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