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September 21 2003

(SPOILER) Slayerverse Aurora summarizes the 5x07 sides

This is only a description of what sides have been released so far. It says she'll post a fuller summary once the sides become available.

"Side"? Do you mean page or slide or...? Is this a special movie term I don't know?
When teevee and movies need to cast a role, they release pages of the script to casting directors for audition purposes - known around the net as "casting sides." These are usually pages of the *actual* script, so as soon as they start casting an episode, spoiler-whores like us can get a peek at pieces of the story.

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Sometimes (not so much nowadays but in the past) the paper given to the people auditioning will only include cue lines and then dialogue for the role of the character for which one auditions. Say you're auditioning for the bit part of "Generic Vampire Three" and you'll be in a scene with Gunn and Fred. First off, no one auditioning is going to read for the roles of Fred or Gunn, because they're already cast, and if the actors playing those parts accidently got ahold of a piece of paper from auditions which indicated their roles were being recast, they'd freak out (well okay Amy Acker's more confident than that, but in years past this was the way of things). So Hollywood devised a system of releasing only the lines for the characters not yet cast.

If you were in the audition, you'd be given a sheet of paper and be told its your "side." On the paper would include your "cue lines" which are the last words you'd hear before you're supposed to say your line (say from the parts of Gunn or Fred), and then you'd see the actual lines you're supposed to emote. Then the casting director or one of their assistants would prompt you through the scene, reading from an actual script or their own 'sides'.

At any rate, the reason they're called 'sides' is cuz in the olden days you'd just get one character's full dialogue - your SIDE of the conversation for a given scene. Many reasons for this. As explained before, if a full script slipped out of the audition hall, some actors would suddenly feel less confident about their job security. Also, the security of closed sets was often high priority. The release of sides to people not officially part of the project would further minimize the sort of thing that's happening now: to wit, premature release of full script pages to the general public. The security leakage is largely due to laziness on the part of the production staff. Apparently people in Mutant Enemy are too lazy to bother making actual sides, because it's time consuming. Putting a script through a photocopier's much easier than reformatting pages to accomodate actual sides.

Not that I'm complaining. This laziness on ME's part is to the benefit of pro-spoiler fans the world over.
I still maintain Mutant Enemy have leaked delibrately when it suited them.
Why would it ever suit them?
To prepare the fans for something big and to get them talking and providing a buzz on the Internet community.

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