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May 29 2009

Eliza Dushku talks Dollhouse season 2. By the looks of it, this video interview was conducted at the Fox Upfronts a couple of weeks ago (if you're having trouble viewing it from outside the US, change the country view to USA at the top left of the page).

Cheers to edcsLover9 for the heads up.

I only see a vid about Eliza and Rick Fox. Where can we find the Dollhouse S2 one?
Simon, the video is actually from a MTV Movie Awards pre-party (last night) or else it was posted as such. Could be from the Upfronts.

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I only see a vid about Eliza and Rick Fox. Where can we find the Dollhouse S2 one?

The link should work but the E! Online site is hellish to navigate so it does have a tendency to be hit or miss.

Simon, the video is actually from a MTV Movie Awards pre-party (last night)

Her outfit and the posters behind her match the ones from the Fox Upfront on the 18th.

Pics link

Unless I'm seeing an old video as well!
^ Yea Simon, you're right, It was posted with other pics from a party she went to last nite, thats why I was confused. LOL
That link only brings me to their Chelsea Lately page.
I'm having trouble finding it as well. Tried searching Dollhouse and Eliza, but all I'm getting is months old interviews conducted by the typical zombie airheads at E! and the cringe factor of it all is really quite painful.
just search Eliza Dushku and there will be links to videos and articles and other stuff. the video that comes up is the newest one. I had simon post it because I'm on my phone, so I can't watch it. E!'s site is weird.
I don't see it. The first one that comes up is vid from the No H8 protest (incidentally the same clip I just now saw on the E! channel on TV). The next one is about her "foxy new man". Nothing about Dollhouse Season 2.

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Make sure your on the US site. I couldn't it either until I flicked over. After that it was the first video to appear.
How do I switch to the US site?
Top of the page to the left, theres a drop down box.
Ah, that was the problem for me too. Thanks Thuddles.
Not a problem, finding ways to make internet videos play is like my superpower. Though I guess that makes me a pretty lame superhero... oh well, its better than nothing.
Huh, I loaded it in my regular browser (Firefox), didn't work right so I tried it in Safari and then IE, different results but not the video; tried again with Firefox and then it worked; that eonline site really is behaving bizarrely inconsistently.
(So if you're having problems with the link they may be solved simply by reloading the page a bunch of times, I guess.)

Cool little interview btw. Can't wait for season 2!

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I could not really find the clip that where referred but I did stumble on a interview with Michelle Trachtenberg on Chelsea Lately.
Great interview, she seems like a really cool gal.
Here it is, hope this link works better _and I'm watching from Spain, so it should run everywhere.

Nice when Eliza thanks "our fans, our fans, our fans".
Came for Dollhouse. Stayed for Eliza "getting her mack on". Left because of no Dollhouse. Came back and searched Eliza Dushku again (on the US site) found it, finally!

Cool interview, actually. I loved her mentioning about people being out on Friday Nights, discussing Hulu & DVR.
I love Eliza’s enthusiasm, and the way she made a point to mention Hulu, DVR and iTunes. And of course the shout-out to the fans x3 was nice too.
It's here:
Cheers :).
Good to hear we'll be getting more fight scenes. I think they give an extra touch of excitement to an episode and felt one thing Dollhouse could improve on is more action. It makes the episodes have a greater, epic feel. Like in 'Man on the Street' with the awesome Echo/Ballard fight. It's just something a little extra to cap off on an already great piece of work.
It's working on the Australian view site now.

Anyways, can't wait for Season 2.
Fight scenes are cool when done well and there for a reason.

Many episodes of Buffy I just thought that they felt they must have a fight every episode and many times on rewatching episodes I fast forward through them.

A fight scene put into an episode just to "make the episode more exciting" shouldn't be there. I'm more interested in the characters, the plot, the story.
I clicked the ink then just removed the text at the end up till /watchwithkristen and the video was right at the top.

Good to see everyone seems to realize people like to go out fridays.

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