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May 29 2009

(SPOILER) Is this the next Big Bad? Pictured is an item snagged from a Cabin in the Woods set sale in Vancouver. Is this what is lurking in the woods waiting to strike? Could we be looking at the new face of evil?

Canadian TV pundit Diane Kristine Wild was in the right place at somewhat after the right time, as the (apparently unpublicised) set sale was winding down. She still managed to get this. Time will tell how prominantly this ghastly prop will feature in the film.

Hmm. And here I was thinking Glory was a prancing lightweight as a Big Bad......
Mr. Gordo's put on a little bit of weight there!
The horror. The horror.
Light news day, eh?
So the rumours about Cabin in the Woods being a live action version of Toy Story were true after all.
Ha ha! That was great.
So the rumours about Cabin in the Woods being a live action version of Toy Story were true after all.

The Cabin In The Woody?
Why did I instantly think of a someone in Cabin loving pigs the same way Anya hates rabbits and Wash loves Dinosaurs.
it certainly looks menacing...
Those eyes. Pure evil.....
I bet it belongs to Fran's character :D
I expected Mordecai to be older.
Jayme, I automatically thought of Anya's bunny fear and Mr. Gordo, too.
It constantly annoys me how Joss, Drew and co. are filming where I live and I haven't once made the effort to find out where.

I suck. :P
My God...that's going to make me...put my money in it!!!!
Joss and crew have decided to be topical and shoehorn Swine Flu into the film.
Yes, you're laughing now, but wait till it goes for the neck!

Someone bring out the holy hand grenade (it works for more than just bunnies, right?)
Looks to me like one of Mr Gordo's minions! We're doomed!
The Cabin In The Woody?

Sounds more like a "One-Eyed Monster" reference...
OK, so this person went to the Cabin in the Woods set sale and bought a stuffed piglet? Is he/she mad? OMG, yeesh, for the love of pete, buy something spoilery or at least post some pics!
Said person specifically tweeted later that "they were packing up and had only crap left".

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