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May 30 2009

Interview with Nathan Fillion fan who made the Green Lantern Trailer. Nice interview with Jaron Pitts, where he talks about his inspirations for the YouTube video.

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Classy, talented dude. I hope somebody gives him a job (and takes his advice on casting GL).
I've never been a DC person really (except for Batman, maybe). But just based on that trailer alone, I would go see that. I've seen a lot of fan made work over the years, but that is up there with the best. Hell, it looks better than many of the "official" trailers I've seen. It would be really cool if, in the event they did make a film, they could involve him in some way.
Great interview. I enjoyed watching the trailor again. Would be lovely to see Nate star in a movie like this.
Would absolutely go to see this. Looks slick fun cool and of course captain tight pants :) nice
That trailer is a terrific achievement. The page links to some other fan productions that are also very impressive. I want to see the movie that would be made from "Grayson"! Actually, it looks like it could be two or three movies.
Natural talent such as this, is so extraordinary,it should be nurtured and developed. Who knows what this guy can do with the proper mentoring?! I hope the right people see this and give this man an opportunity to do more great things.
Huh. The guy who made the Grayson trailer thing put the full screenplay of his idea online. I think I will read.
since your trailer has won him (Nathan Fillion) a whole new group of fans (including myself).


Also, the last scene in your trailer (where Nathan’s friend asks him about his “super power”) is driving people crazy…what film is that from?

Yeah, The One True b!X. He eventually seems to have every hero make an appearance... well, except Buffy.

( pause )

Hm. Don't tell the Kuzuis.

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