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"I think I'm on the wrong ship."
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May 30 2009

"I miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer". In light of the new "Old" Buffy movie. I thought we all could use something like this to remember our roots.

I liked this very much. Very sweet. I wish I thought stuff like this up.
Haha, I remember when this song first came out. I think they played it on The Succubus Club.
I do miss the show. I think back about when it was on the BBC here in England - I used to record as I watched it to make sure that I wouldn't miss anything if the phone rang or somebody knocked at the door!
I have this song on my ipod. Its a fun little song. I liked the candles.
:'( *goes to watch the Zeppo and weep*
We did this twice last year. I wonder how many times we'll do it this year. ;)
Yes I checked earlier but the video had never been a front page entry. That and I want a nice weekend here.
Awww that's so cute :lol

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