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"Harmony has minions?"
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May 30 2009

"Doll of role has this star on rise". The Sydney Morning Herald (very briefly) interviews Dichen Lachman, in advance of Dollhouse premiering on FOX8 on June 9.

The Herald could use a new headline writer.

Good article, though!
"I had one month of rent left because I'd gone through all my savings and then Dollhouse came along. I'm very lucky."

See, this is why I admire folks with the stones to persist in this uncertain, unstable career.

I think we're very lucky, too.

(Hee. Giant Lizard - roaming the earth with people. Oh, and I think we should definitely all run out right now! and get our faces tattooed like this.)
Awesome. Though I find the comment that its "one of the few American dramas to survive this economic crisis" a bit, um, of a stretch. Still, better than doom and gloom!

Also, I find some of the writing to be... odd. Not sure if its the website or that its Australian, but the way they described the show, plus the mention of 'prominent lesbians', seemed weird to me.

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Yeah, I've heard nothing but praise for Dichen and Enver, and nothing but contempt for Eliza.

Funny how things work out that way. Especially since the article makes it seem like Sierra is the "star" of Dollhouse.
I've seen and read plenty of not-contempt for Eliza.
Dichen is a force of nature on Dollhouse. She's both effortlessly powerful on screen (end of Ghost, anybody?) and incredibly meek when called upon. She's also staggeringly beautiful both on screen and in person. She's absolutely one of the nicest people I've ever met, and yes, I've already asked somebody for a Sierra centric episode of Dollhouse, and shall continue that campaign till it happens.
I'm a big fan of Eliza, but I agree, we need a Sierra centric episode! Dichen is awesome (I love all of the cast, and I thinnk they are all brilliant but perhaps due to her beauty, Dichen stands out to me).
Hm.. I don't understand the headline *g*
Yeah, it took me a sec to see WTF they were trying to do.

It sure didn't work.

"A Doll of a Role" would've been clearer but clunky - I think they were just straining to get something Doll-ish in there without falling back on calling Dichen a Doll.

Headline Writer, code blue, stat.
I liked the brief reference to Sierra "getting her power back". Feels like that character has been used to show the abusive side of the Dollhouse. If I had an Emmy's wishlist, it would have Dichen on it for supporting actress. Also Amy as a guest star, I think.

(And no, the article's strangeness is not because it is Australian. It's just a little fluffy.)
I defenitly support the idea of a Sierra centric episode.
I do too. Though surely a Victor centric one is needed more, seeing as we know next to nothing about his past.
You know, I'd pitch a Sierra/Victor episode. Since their paths kinda cross, if you ask me.
I'm also kind of sad they dropped the Echo and Sierra as friends thread. It really kept the early episodes going. I hope there's more of that next season.
"I've seen and read plenty of not-contempt for Eliza."

Written some, too... ;-)

I've been re-watching the series the past few days, and I still can't fathom where all the hate keeps coming from. I mean, I love the cast, including the exquisite Dichen, in its entirety--but Eliza holds her own.

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