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May 30 2009

Hamburg, Germany is registered for CSTS Charity Screening. CSTS first time in Germany! CSTS has 47 registered cities.

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I don't see anything about it on the page you linked to.
Participating cities are listed at the bottom of the page.
Well, then link to that page then. And it's still a bit thin for frontpage news.
Yeah! Great news. Finally, I've been waiting for this for ages! For me definitively frontpage material! Thanks!
I have a feeling Berlin has held a screening before?
Berlin? I don't think so. And if so, I'd slap myself in the face, 'cause that's where I live.
Oh, come on. Hamburg, Germany? Who on earth is living there?
Wait ... I do!! Geil.
There's no Germany listed from any other year's events. (Hence this item saying "CSTS first time in Germany!")
Thanks B!x, I was just going on my memory.
Well, all the prior years are viewable on the CSTS site (just tack on /2006/ or /2007/ or /2008/), so it can all still be checked. Unless I missed something, no Germany. (It did get Austria, last year.)
Then whew, cause I didn't remember Austria.
Yeppers, there are now 47 cities holding events in 5 countries. And since some cities are holding multiple events, that's currently over 60 events for 2009!

A full list of participating cities is at the bottom of every page of the Can't Stop the Serenity website. And you can check for updates at the various event websites or in the Cities with Screenings forum. As event dates are confirmed, they are updated to the Events Calendar.
Whoo-hoo! 60 that sounds like a record...but then again I'm just going from memory.
I think it might be a record, though usually we've just kept a tally of the number of participating cities, not the number of individual events.

So far, there are 46 individual events that have confirmed dates/times (which includes cities like Austin who are holding 3 events on the same day). And there's still another 10 cities that haven't announced dates yet (including some which are planning multiple events, like Melbourne).

Fans in Nashville are pretty lucky - they've got a whole "weekend away" event planned!

This year's gonna be so awesome!! :D

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