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September 22 2003

And Word Was Given Unto the Networks The NYT writes of a trend towards religious spirituality in the upcoming season, and the passing of supernatural based heroines like Buffy.

Bad article. The premise is OK (barely) but she dilutes it by going all over the map. By the time, she is talking about Tina Fey's new movie you have to wonder what her point is. She also misspells Xena (as Zena) which is a pretty huge flare that she never saw the show, or even bothered to do the most elementary research.

Oh, and what the heck does Buffy have to do with Girls Gone Wild?
The New York Times is somehow relevant again? Why didn't I get a memo on that?
Can't get the article (not signed up) but given in what paper it appears and from what you guys are saying here it's pretty safe to say I didn't miss much. Don't you love it when 'renowed' papers try to write about something and they show their utter ignorance on the entire topic? Been seeing that a lot lately.
Out of vogue? When did Buffy go out of vogue?

I stopped midway through the article. It was all over the place and it hurt my head.
It's a shame because with Emily Nussbaum, Stephanie Zacharek & Elvis Mitchell(among others) the NYT has excellent stable of film & television writers but this piece is a total mess.

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