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May 31 2009

The Grinder Nintendo Wii trailer voiced by Mark Sheppard. Mark is currently at E3 (lucky him) doing promotion for the game due out next year.

Sorry for errors working with a dying wireless keyboard.

Due out, not do out.
ctually, due out, not Due out. :-P
/me hands bobw1o the "A" he lost ;)
Might need to look into the scandalous missing "r" problem in the tags as well.
Fiefly! Fie! Fie!
LOL!!! Funniest thread evah!!
I had hesitated to post about this because I thought you'd all read Mark Sheppard's twitterings on the topic. I love that Mark takes the time to promote the games; his work on BSG, Leverage and Dollhouse was wonderful, I just can never see too much of Mark Sheppard!
Mark Sheppard is great! And as a gamer I love hearing about our favorites doing voice work in games.

RavenU, don't worry about it - I do that all the time (and my keyboard is fine!)
Thanks GVH, but I was trying to spell 'ctually'

Yeah, you all buy that, right?
From the title, this sounds like a game about a sandwich.

[ETA FWIW, different regions in the U.S. call a sandwich by colloquial names: a grinder, a poor boy, a club, a hero, a. ]

[ edited by peacemonger on 2009-06-01 20:59 ]
Really? I thought it sounded more like a game set in a lapdancing club ;)

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