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May 31 2009

James Leary writes an LA Survival Guide - Gays Throws The Best Weddings. Our favorite loose skin demon gives his take on the LA scene.

YAY! I should have known that Clem would do the very best wedding reviews :)
This is so true. Gay weddings are the only weddings(so far) that haven't made me want to set my head on fire during the ceremony for entertainment purposes.
Noclaf, you're not wrong. Two words: Butter Mints.
Sounds pretty wedtacular.
cronopiogal Butter mints are the only reason I would show up for a straight wedding. Or an open bar.

[ edited by Noclaf on 2009-06-01 05:18 ]
Haha, I think I like the website's description of who James is almost as much as his article:

"James likes beer, Heavy Metal, and weird porn usually in that order. He is a part time actor and a mediocre screenwriter. Most days (and nights) he feels like a two dollar whore on nickel night and likes it."
A bear wedding with kilts and a pool party?!! Clearly I need more interesting friends.
Probably put there for humor, but I wonder what kind of "weird porn" he likes. I may be sorry I asked.

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