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May 31 2009

New Official Dr Horrible Merchandise. I really love the Freeze Ray t-shirt. Don't remember seeing the hat, mug, tote bag or the Dr. Horrible Goggle t-shirt before.

Don't forget that the retail release of the DVD is this Tuesday. Check your local store shelves. You might even see it at Best Buy.
Thanks for the info b!X, I didn't know about the retail release, and now I'm thinking I'll have to check around and ask for it at Target and Best Buy!
Retail release! Whoo-hoo!
Fantastic! Thanks, Anonymous1!

I'm definitely getting a coffee cup, a hat, and a shirt or two.
Yet another store that charge an extortionate amount for postage overseas! $18 for the cheapest shipping fee to the UK for a T-shirt?!
Still no t-shirt with "I hold a Ph.D. in horribleness."

Hopefully they will get more sizes on "this is not the hammer" 4XL is great for a tent, not so much for a shirt...
I want an ELE (or just Bad Horse) shirt. Fingers crossed!
I got my DVD from amazon. Is that not retail?
I got my DVD from amazon. Is that not retail?

Okay, how about "bricks and mortar" retail. (Personally, anything available from only one source I kind of don't consider retail, especially when it's print-on-demand. Retail, to me, means someone produces it and lots of places stock up on it and sell it.)

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