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May 31 2009

Emma Caulfield announced for WizardWorld Philadelphia. It's a rare convention appearance for her.

I got to Wizard World Chicago every year... so I'm crossing my fingers that her Philly experience is a great one... and maybe... JUST maybe she will want to come to Chicago too.

Please please pleeeeease!
Would I be wrong in assuming that she'll be appearing all weekend?
Is Florida no longer in the US. It's not her first US appearance. It may have been awhile, May 2004 in Orlando and I think there are a few more.
How can you not love Emma? ... If I had the money, I'd be there.
I wouldn't assume that Haikes. I've seen many celebs do signings at conventions and rarely will someone sit there for 3 days. Sometimes you get lucky but with someone like Emma, I assume she'll be there 1 or 2 of the days with 2 or 3 hour signings. So get in line early! But there probably wont be a huge line anyway.

When I met Mercedes at Wizard World, she was there one day for about 2 hours. But there wasn't a huge crowd and it seemed everyone that wanted to meet her had an opportunity. Andy Hallet was a different story, his line snaked down half the distance of the hall (the line had to be 250-300 people long).

Fruitpunchmouth, I'll be at WW Chicago this year. I wonder if there's going to be a Browncoat booth this year, its a good meet-up spot! I'll be the guy hanging out with Richard Kiel.
MAN.. I'm convention hopping to sell my film (which I would totally promote to you guys if not my fear for being banned.. cuz its WAY Joss-friendly) - but that weekend my Brother gets married..

So I'm sending my producers and not going myself.. and.. well..

Maybe my Bro doesn't really need a groomsman.

Sigh.. to meet Emma... I have the action figure in the bunny suit staring at me right now..
Oh, man. Thirteen hour drive to see Emma in Philly on the 19th or five hour drive to see Amber in Chicago on the 22nd. Decisions, decisions.
Doug Jones will also be there.
What? Philly and not Comic Con? Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
I met her at a Brooklyn convention in early 2003. She was promoting Darkness Falls at the time.
Sigh. but, if I can't see my daughter because I can't afford to get to Philly then seeing Emma is out of the question.
I got video of her panel appearance. she seemed a little nervous, but i guess it's because it was her first con appearance. i'll post it when i get a chance on youtube.

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