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June 01 2009

High Plains Invaders starring James Marsters starts On Demand today. Check your local on-demand provider for details. You should find it unders movies or search for James' name. This may be US only.

Despite paying nearly $100 a month for Dish Network "on demand" cost even MORE :x I'll have to wait for Sciffy.
Yeah, me, too. Do you know when it'll be premiering there?
We have Cox Cable and it has OnDemand already on it. Some of them you do have to pay for and some are free. I will look for it tonight.
I have DishNetwork and can not find it listed, anyone know what channel it is going to be on?
I got to watch it. It's full of action, the acting was well done, and the CGI effects were good.It was a lot of fun to watch and I hear that Syfy Channel will be airing it in late August.

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