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June 01 2009

Get to know The Evil League of Evil. MTV has an Easter Egg clip from the Dr Horrible DVD which goes on sale tomorrow in all good stores. It's only viewable from within the United States.

Not really laugh-out-loud funny, but cute. I'm hopefully getting this tommorow.
I do find it odd that none of these stories bother to mention that this is basically a re-release of the DVD, just into actual stores this time around. Everyone is covering it like it's some completely new thing never before available on DVD.
But what is this you talk of?
A DVD available only over the internet IS equivalent to never before available for a lot of Americans. But yes, they should acknowledge that it was out before. And that it has fans who are awesome.
Yeah, I had a CD that was released in Canada in 2007, but was readily available worldwide via the internet. It got released in the US a year later, and was treated as a brand new, never-before-heard album, even though everyone who was interested likely already owned it. I can only figure it's some sort of marketing scheme. Make people think, "New?! Shiny?! Must have!" or something. I dunno.
That, and we're also kinda culturally obnoxious that way. If it hasn't been released through American channels and appeared wrapped in plastic at the local big box store, it's sort of like it's imaginary.
I thought it was already released in stores. I bought mine at Best Buy last week for only $9.99.
I thought it was already released in stores. I bought mine at Best Buy last week for only $9.99.

Erm, then you have a Best Buy that f*cked up and could technically get into trouble. (The store, not you.)

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I didn't know Jed played Dead Bowie... I'm a little slow.

But as soon as I heard Dead Bowie talk I totally recognized Jed's voice from his NervousCircus clips. Cool!
I'm viewing the clip alright. It just reminds me that I have yet to uncover all the easter eggs from the dvd.
I watch DVDs on my 360 and I could not get the controller to play the easter eggs despite many attempts. Oh and there's a Penny backstory on this month's MySpace Dark Horse Presents (online Wednesday).
PS3 > 360 ;)

New release sounds better to the public than re-release anyway.
Is that Liz Vassey playing Fury Leika? Hot damn, it's Wendy!
Do we know if the retail release DVD is the same as the one that's been on Amazon for ages? Or will it have snazzy new packaging and additional new content (beyond the linked video)?
More importantly, when will we be able to buy the Commentary! The Musical tracks on CD or iTunes? YouTube clips are handy if you're at a computer and don't mind searching for the next track each time. But having it on one's iPod is far simpler. And it's another good excuse to throw money at the M.E. gang.
The box is different. As far as we know the content is the same. Also, unlike the Amazon release which sometimes was DVD-R instead of DVD, this is an actual DVD, period.
Just say the ELE, and it's funny. If any of them can sing, we've got a new musical. Maybe they can have a tune about how Bad Horse broke the heart of Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra, making her too distraught for the Belmont.
Or not. We gotta know why Bad Horse is the thoroughbred of sin!
You can get the soundtrack on Napster- I have a paid subscription so don't send Lars Ulrich after me.
Simon, thanks for the heads up on the Darkhorse/MySpace comic about Penny. I'd been hoping for her backstory, hadn't heard about this before now.
Video worked here in Australia.

Obviously not as entertaining as the full thing, but they had to put something in; no point in getting actors dressed up for 10 seconds of footage! (Unless it's a massively big-budget Hollywood film)

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