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June 01 2009

Felicia Day at Microsoft's E3 press conference. She was demonstrating the new Facebook and Twitter features for Xbox Live.

The b-roll footage from the press conference can be found at Eurogamer and a related Microsoft interview with Felica can be on YouTube.

I can't wait for this! Here's Natal, too.

By the way, I know Felicia must secretly be tired of being called cute by now (or about 394023940329 posts ago), but yeah: she's really cute. Awww. I just want to spend $94 on Starbucks with her.
Thanks for the link, Simon!
Felicia sounds nervous...
And Cubby is getting famous! hehe
I watched the entire thing live, and it was a complete surprised (for me) to see Felicia and it was mega-awesome. I came on here straight after it finished and thought it was weird a news post hadn't appeared yet. Whedonites are supposed to be on-the-ball with things like this.
This woman sure knows how to network.
I hope she is getting a bunch of money from Twitter. She has probably made Twitter more popular than anyone else over the last year or so.

They should really incorporate her Twitter accidents (running into the lamp posts and falling off the treadmill) into the next season of the guild.
She has probably made Twitter more popular than anyone else over the last year or so.

Well, I imagine Ashton Kutscher and Oprah made it more popular than Felicia... but anyway, yeah, Twitter should be paying her!
Ashton who? Oprah who? ;)

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