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June 01 2009

Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin voicing Halo 3: ODST. They can be heard in the game's first gameplay trailer.

Awesome trailer but I wish that they had stuck with the original Halo 3: Recon title. ODST doesn't seem that inspiring.
This is excellent; I knew Nathan was in it, but I had no idea that Alan and Adam were going to voice for it as well!
Is Nathan the main character, then?
The Rookie is the main character and he'll be a typical silent protagonist but at certain points in the game you have flashbacks to other members of your squad. You get to play as them in the flashbacks so I assume you'll get to play as Nathan/Alan/Adam's characters at some points.
There should be some sort of Firefly reference in the Mass Effect games.
Awesome! Thanks UtterlyJP.
Aww, man! I was totally coming here to post it, but I was looking for some confirmation beyond my sense that it was them in the trailer!

Anyway, the trailer looks great!

Also, Felicia Day was at the MS E3 press conference today, announcing the integration of Facebook with XBox Live. I'm sure there's video out there somewhere.
Septimus: For instance, in the previous news post on the front page.
Bah! I actually had work to do today! how am I supposed to keep up with things?!
No worries; I simply can't resist a setup. I'm in the last week of regular instruction at my college, which one of my teachers is treating like the final week, (except that she can give us more assignments for the additional days,) so I sympathize.
Looks cool. I get motion sick from some video games so I wonder if the Halo titles are off limit for me.
Haha, that's great.

Damn I feel an urgent need to see those guy together in a project again.

I agree that halo name is stupid though, what the heck is "ODST" ? Hmm.
Orbital Drop Shock Troopers... you didn't know? ;)

I looked it up earlier today. Instead of playing as the Master Chief you play as an ODST.
I knew it!! Just saw this yesterday and immediately picked out their voices and was hoping it was really them and not my wishful thinking!!!

Theclynn, sorry to hear about your motion sickness issues. Try making sure the room isn't too dark and if you have a big tv, try and sit as far back as possible.

Septimus, on XBox Live they have some videos of E3 and Felicia is in one of them. I think it is in the "Inside Xbox" feature.

I wonder if Nathan, Alan & Adam will also be involved in Halo Reach?

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