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June 01 2009

Dollverse vs. Fox PR: The stunning conclusion! Dollverse reports that things have been straightened out with FOX and relations repaired. Good news for everyone.

He also implies (and please correct me if I'm misinterpreting this, gossi) that Dollverse may get special content in the future: "...we may just be able to give you a few new things to play with along the way."

There may well be a bunch of goodies in the not too distant future.

All worked out great in the end. Todd turned out a class act and I'm sure things are straightened out. All credit to FOX.

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Glad to hear it!
Well this all seems to have worked out for the best. And I'm all for goodies!
FOX really are nice people. ;p
Yay for mending fences. I hope you guys continue to have a mutually beneficial relationship.
I'm so glad. This is just what I was wanting to hear.
Way to go gossi! Very good to hear.
Glad to hear it, gossi! :D They really are good people over there.
This is not only good for Dollhouse and gossi, but for the entire fandom. A major fansite having an argument with FOX pr = bad for fandom, strengthening relations = very good indeed. Great news.

And kudos to FOX for taking the first step in mending these fences. Very big of them :).
Never would have thought that we would turn out to be Fox-Huggers.

yay! ;)
Great news. And hopefully beneficial to everyone.
This definitely gives me a happy! Thanks for linking this here, I would have missed it.
Glad to hear that things are all straightened out with Fox
Well, this is good news. Not sure I wanted to see gossi and Todd FOXy boxing.
I'm so glad to hear this! Great news for the show, the network, and the fandom alike.

Frothy beers for all, especially gossi and the folks at Fox.

Jobo, thanks for posting this excellent news!
I'm glad to see this has had a happy ending.
Reminds me of the end of Naked Gun where the dog licks the mailman.
Whedon fans saying good things about Fox? What bizarro world did I wake up in?

The bizarro world where Dollhouse gets a second season!
The bizarro world where Dollhouse gets a second season!

I know! What's that about? I guess Obama wasn't kidding when he said he'd be bringing in the change. ;)
Way to go gossi (and Fox!).

Hope you don't mind my reply in that thread.
Great news, gossi.

Yeah, like that bizzaro world ESG referred to? I'm sure in it.

Not quite a Fox-hugger (thanks, wilder, won't be forgetting THAT term) but damn, Folks there now. And I cannot believe I just said that.
Yay. Glad to hear it. :D
Duh, of course, that's why Dollhouse was renewed ... Obama!

How could I have overlooked that causality!
LOL If the big O (not Oprah this time) has free time in his too busy schedule, I'm sure he'd dig Dollhouse.
Well we know he reads comic books, and does the Vulcan salute so he's a nerd at heart. Anyone know his position on the Jossverse?
I'm sure Obama's been too busy with work and running for President to pay attention to the Jossverse.

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