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June 01 2009

New York Post article about Amber Benson's latest works. Starr Report talks about Amber's appearence at Mid town Comics to sign Death's Daughter's copies, and mentions "Drones", the movie she co-directed with Adam Busch.

Both Amber and Adam tweeted about this article.

I am super excited about this cause I missed Amber at NYCC!
Oh, her directed it, did her? :-)

Sigh, not a long bus ride from the Little Apple to the Big but it'd impoverish me plus there are higher priorities which I also have to let go for $$$ reasons so paying to see my Celluloid Goddess would be inapporpriate.
So funny that Tara and her murderer directed a movie together!
Man, that photo of her... damn... just... damn, man.
Ops, sorry...I guess being asleep doesn't help my use of english (that is clearly not my language)..
Edited..but if it's still wrong, please let me know..;-)P

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