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June 02 2009

Dollhouse Paley Fest panel video available in (USA) iTunes Store. (Link opens iTunes)

Whooh-hoot -- Dr. Horrible panel, too!
The Dollhouse panel starts off okay but gets much better about halfway through. (...I kid, I kid.)
Took me a while to get your comment, ShortFatGuy, but now I realize it was much funnier than I noticed at first.

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Where can international viewers see it?
It's great the Paley Center is also including some panels from 2008 as well. Fans of "Mad Men" and "Pushing Daisies" will really like these panels, and they cost only two bucks a pop.

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We need to get the Paley Center some new-fangled HD widescreen cameras. Suddenly watching something in 4:3 is disconcerting.
Has anyone tried spotting the back of @danregal's head yet? It might be visible as the guests come in, I'm not sure.
Felt like this bit from the Dr. Horrible panel, also available as pointed out, should be transcribed somewhere.
What I'd love to do is to create a system -- I'd love to be the guy who does this, but if I can't I'd love it to happen -- a system whereby people can kind of meet in the middle, between people who have access to real production values and people who have ideas but only living rooms or whatever, so that it can become more realistic. That's something that I've been looking at trying to accomplish, as well as accomplishing other things on the Internet, but it's still very nascent and I still have a day job.

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