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June 02 2009

Two Birthdays, One day. Jewel Staite is 27 & Morena Baccarin is 30 today!

Jewel Staite says shes not 27 until 6pm, on Twitter.

Happy happy birthday, Jewel! And many more...
Happy Birthday, Jewel! You always bring some awe.

ETA Happy Anniversary of You, Morena! Expecting superstardom imminently.

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And Morena Baccarin is 30!
Happy Birthday Jewel & Morena!!

It also happens to be Zachary Quinto's birthday today too!
Morena was only 23 when she did Firefly? Wow, that was a pretty young cast.
Holy Moly, anybody else??
I already wished happy birthday to Jewel on twitter, but Happy Birthday to Morena as well..!
It also happens to be my birthday. I had no idea I shared it with such a good lookin' bunch of people! :) June babies ftw.
Happy Birthday Jewel & Morena!
They have the same birthday? How come I not knowed that? No wonder they're always fighting.

Happy birthday, Morena & Jewel!

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It's a good day in the 'verse. Happy birthday!
God, they're so depressingly young. Anyway, yay!
I do understand, bonzob :(
It's also the birthday of Wentworth Miller, and Zachary Quinto, as well as my son's girlfriend - the latter two of whom never appeared in a Whedon production, but I happened to notice anyway...
OMG. It is so awesome that my granddaughter shares the same birthday as two of my favorite actresses. She turns 5 today.

She is quite the little Kaylee herself as evident in these pictures.

Happy Birthday Jewel and Morena!!
Happy birthday to Jewel and Morena!
LOL! @ Madmolly's photos! Those are great! Wish her a happy birthday for all of us!
I never realized they had the same birthday.

Happy birthday, Morena and Jewel!!
Eliza tweets "Happy birthday Daddy-o!! :p xo".
So whose nickname is daddy-o: Morena or Jewel?
Just kidding.

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Happy Birthday to two wonderful ladies! And Morena, isn't 30 the new 20? You can rub that in Jewel's face! Tee hee.
Making it my puppy's birthday as well. (don't think I'm weird - I adopted a shelter dog and named her Kaylee and I needed to assign her a birthday for her vet file and I needed someway of remembering it so the birthday of the actress who plays the character she is named after seemed a good choice - as long as I have IMDB/Whedonesque I'll be able to remember it) - weird dork hilarity ensues when Kaylee tries to eat Malcolm the rabbit and Saffron the rat.
Heh, it's my mother's birthday as well! :D
I had no idea they were so young! I mean, they look young of course, but most people in Hollywood look younger than they are.

ETA: Madmolly, those photos are adorable! :D

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Shiny day ladies
Thanks everyone for the shiny remarks about my granddaughter. I didn't mean to steal any thunder from our lovely Firefly ladies, it being their day and all. But she IS cute in her Kaylee garb.

I'll be hoisting a glass in a toast to the 2 young ladies tonight. I knew I was hanging on to my Grey Goose for a reason. It's only for special occaisions.
Happy Birthday, Jewel and Morena! ^_^
Wishing Shiny Jewel and Morena the happiest of birthdays! 30 is the new 20, and 27 is the new 17! Rejoice! Blessings of all good to you both! Kcat
I just caught Morena in Kitchen Confidential the other night. Beautiful ladies both who only get better with age. All the best to them both!

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