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June 02 2009

Eliza Dushku to Shoot New Flick in Boston. Eliza lets her @followers know she will be shooting a new movie this month.

This thread will be updated with more info when she shares more info.

Would that be the Boston diva biopic about the photographer whose name I really can't recall right now?
Robert Mapplethorpe.
Isn't Dollhouse going to start shooting the second season soon? Or is it just Joss and the writers + producers getting a start on plotting the stories and writing? Which -- to be a fly on the wall of the writer's room!
Plotting and writing is what would happen soon. No filming quite yet.
Plotting and writing and according to Shawna Trpcic costumes mid-June.
Mid-June could be the regular pre-episode prep-work which usually lasts between a few days and a week and a half I think. They could be shooting by the end of June.

Isn't that pretty fast writing, plotting out the season and writing the season opener in 2 weeks?
I went to high school with someone named Shawna Trpcic....completely sure that's not her though. Bummer.
I would say writing/plotting and general pre-production for Season 2 of Dollhouse would happen throughout this month with shooting most likely starting the beginning of July.

Which means whatever movie this is must be intended as a pretty quick shoot.

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