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June 02 2009

Julie Benz talks about her love for Twitter. And, of course, she lets us know by tweeting a link to the interview.

I do love Julie Benz. She's very sweet and classy. One question: is she always so cheerful or did the writer go a little overboard with the exclamation points?
Also, I can't imagine trying to keep up with every message her fans must send her. How does she find the time?
One word: Twitter
Second words: is awesome!
I'm glad to hear that Julie Benz is as addicted to Twitter as much as i am. Makes me feel like there is no need for rehab anymore :D

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Ooh. Didn't know she had one. Awesome. :D
Yay, Julie! Not a Twitter snob. Soon, soon my pretties (extended Whedon family) we shall have you all in our clutches on Twitter. Hey, maybe Julie will actually answer me! Unlike Nathan, 6/1/09, Chocolate cake batter ice cream. A cold scoop of heaven that left a hot mess in my levi's. No, not poop-Fillion. I'm good enough for Warren Ellis, for God's Sake! :=)
Illyria, right after she linked this article, I asked her (via twitter) if it's true that she keeps up with all the fans, but she didn't answer..Now she started filming Dexter S4,and she has a lot of followers..I don't think she really can.. But effort is appreciated!
I was asking myself about the many exclamation points, too.. I think she could be cheerful, but I'd like to meet her and see ;-)
I belive I'm too old for this Tweeter thing.
Ophrah? Really?
Bondock Saints - Great!
Exclamation points - Maybe the wruter had hiccoughs.

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