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June 02 2009

Who's our Breakout Sleeper Doll? E! Online is hosting their 2009 Tater Tops awards for Breakout Stars, and Miracle Laurie made the list. Let's vote and show our support!

You may get candy for this. Or a sense of pride. Whichever one is cheaper.

Everything seemed to go well with this. Let me know if you have any issues with it, or if I should label it under "Cast & Crew" and not "Dollhouse". Wasn't sure about that part.

Back to topic:

Although I love that guy from True Blood, Mellie gets my vote. She made me laugh when everyone was *crazy* (here's looking at you, Paul), and did such a fine job with the "flip".

Comparing the two, our Miracle has shown a wider range than that True Blood fellow (that I still love).
Are you saying that pride is cheaper than candy?
Depends on what you're proud of.
I like candy.
Ugh. We're in 3rd. And getting beat by Grey's Anatomy. That just can't be!

If Buffy can beat Batman in epic comic heroes, we can do better. (No candy 'til we do.)
Well, I'll settle for the cheap sense of pride. Or candy. Or or...just give me a frickin' beer.

Nice to see when I first voted that Miracle was only at 12% an hour ago and now she's up to 19%. Go interwebs!
Would've gone with Enver as the breakout Doll, personally. But maybe he can break out next year after we get the requisite Victor-centric episode in season two.* The other choices seem kind of odd for "breakout" stars, though--Kevin McKidd's been in tons of stuff, and Yvonne Strahovski's been on Chuck for two seasons--but hey, they're all good actors. And while Grey's mostly just annoys me, I'm glad it's made people notice Kevin McKidd: I'm still trying to figure out why no one watched Journeyman.

*You'd think I'd be used to it by now . . . but typing those last two words still makes me kind of giddy. :-)
I love Lafayette. but chose Miracle

Or would have, had the vote poll actually worked..
I watched Journeyman! Which is why I don't see him as a breakout, even though he is great. Neither is Yvonne. All our dolls are breakout stars.
It hurts me a little to choose between Miracle and Yvone, but I rationalized that since Yvone is on Chuck for 2 seasons, Miracle should win this. =P

Plus, she tweeted asking us to vote... how can we say no?
Go Miracle, go!
Well, except for Eliza. ;)

I'd especially vote for ML because WHO KNOWS when we'll see our beloved Mellie/November/Madeline again! This maybe the last chance for this doll to get praise before it's returned to the attic.
I think that Yvonne Strahovski is wonderful, but 'Chuck' is in it's second season AND she is the female lead, both of which says (to me) that she 'broke out' some time ago. Miracle's emergence is a break out because hers is a smaller role in a brand new show, so I found it easy to vote for Miracle (I have no clue who these other people are).
I'd especially vote for ML because WHO KNOWS when we'll see our beloved Mellie/November/Madeline again!

In season two, of course. ;)
They should have selected Rutina Wesley from True Blood- she was completely sassy as, wait for it, Tara.
Yes, korkster, except for Eliza. :)

And really, how can you say no to:
holy crap! can't even believe I was nominated! :) GO VOTE GO VOTE!!! How exciting...agh! gonna cry

Loved Tara from True Blood in the beginning, but at the end when she's in that demon mansion place and trying to kick her newly established alcohol habit, I lost my love for her.

Exactly, hacksaway. :)
Just noticed your activated her kick butt mode! :o Now she has to win!
I couldn't resist -- voted for her!
How can an actress in the second season of a show count as breakout? And I'm insulted at McKidd's inclusion- the guy was so awesome in Rome and Journeyman that if you didn't notice him until now, shame on you. Shaaaaaame. Lafayette was pretty much the best part of True Blood, but I gotta give the edge to Miracle. 'Cause she was awesome and she broke my heart.

And I don't even know what Party Down is. Anyone?
Oh gosh, both Nelsan Ellis and Miracle in the same poll? eeps! I *loved* Lafayette on True Blood, but the same for Mellie on Dollhouse...
Looks like Zero Size Object is the clear winner so far.
I would vote on this if it didn't keep getting me stuck in a redirect loop. Any advice? Have tried navigating from within site too.
Adam Scott's been great in other stuff, but I haven't seen Party Down and he's been in enough stuff that he doesn't really qualify for Breakout Star status, IMO. He's turned into more of a "hey it's that guy!" maybe. He was Will Farrel's asshole brother in Step Brothers, his face has made it to the big screen a time or two.

Enver would've gotten my vote hands down for his portrayal of Victor if he was included (was also good from the half I saw of the HBO Kevin Bacon film Taking Chance). Liked Miracle Laurie quite a bit too, but he was the doll that impressed the most (and I guess it's a toss-up for favorite main actor on the series so far between him and the woman playing Adelle).

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette from True Blood wins (yeah, I would've voted for Rutina Wesley too as Tara...or even Sam Trammel as Sam Merlotte. I love a lot of that cast, especially some of the supporting players).
Almost voted for Adam Scott; he's really good in Party Down (and Party Down is a really funny series that deserves more attention) and just saw he is dead last in the poll by quite a margin; completely undeserved.
So kinda having some second thoughts about my Miracle Laurie/Dollhouse vote now. Oh well, it is just a silly poll I guess.
I voted for lovely Miracle.. Or so I hope..why do these polls never work properly? Anybody knows who's winning?
Back to topic.. I would have seen Dichen there, too, but I'm very happy fo Miracle..well deserved!
That site often gets me stuck in a redirect loop, as well. Try switching the country to US up in the topleft corner.
Re the redirect loop - try and scroll down.
My memories are fuzzy, maybe sitting in the wrong chair did something...
Didn't the studio push for Miracle *not* to be on the show, presumably because she wasn't anorexic enough? And Joss pushed for her, saying the audience would fall in love with her, due to her luminosity?

I was looking at the post on this site where her casting was first announced, and found this bit of prophecy by Lioness (April 17, 21:05 CET):
I see Miracle Laurie as another young actor, without a lot of experience of whom we will, in future years, say "We saw her on a Joss show first".
Voted for Miracle for Dollhouse solidarity, but to tell the truth, she's my least favorite character on the show, and I was tempted to go with Nelsen Ellis . If it had been Dichen or Enver, I would have felt much less ambiguous.

They should have selected Rutina Wesley from True Blood- she was completely sassy as, wait for it, Tara.

Dana5140 | June 03, 03:43 CET

If she'd been on the list I would definitely have voted for her, what a great character!
I had to go with Adam Scott. Sorry everyone.
I would've chosen Enver as the breakout star, myself - Miracle was good, and lovely, but Enver was spot on perfect with all his characters. He amazes me. I so hope he gets to stick around.

Also, how can Yvonne be the breakout star this year when she was in Chuck last year?!
24% verses 26.7%
:( Go vote again!
In a rare departure from (Whedon)form, I had to go for Nelson Ellis on this one. He just knocked my socks off as Lafayette. Miracle is great, though.
As of now:

Tater Tops 2009 Breakout Star

12.4% Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood
23.1% Miracle Laurie as Mellie/November, Dollhouse
27.2% Kevin McKidd as Dr. Owen Hunt, Grey's Anatomy
3.8% Adam Scott as Henry Pollard, Party Down
33.5% Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Chuck

That Yvonne chick is kicking out tooshies, but we're gaining on Kevin McKidd. Keep it up!
My wife and I LOVE Miracle.

Easiest vote since...well, I'll just shut up.
Ooh, I thought Miracle was very good (though that name sounds a bit dubious to me *g*) - but I've gotta go with Strahovski, sorry :-/
* 10.9% Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood
* 19.8% Miracle Laurie as Mellie/November, Dollhouse
* 28.7% Kevin McKidd as Dr. Owen Hunt, Grey's Anatomy
* 4.2% Adam Scott as Henry Pollard, Party Down
* 36.4% Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Chuck

We are losing ground people!!!!
Miracle is awesome in Dollhouse and generally absolutely gorgeous in every way but Yvonne just has to get my vote.

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