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June 02 2009

Dr. Horrible comes to Best Buy shelves and online. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD was released to ( retailers today. Best Buy brick and mortar stores have it. Anyone seen it elsewhere?

I checked one Target and one Wal-Mart. No luck. It wasn't in the new release section at Best Buy. I found it in the TV section under D. When I left they had one less and there were some in the new release section, the TV section under D and the musical section.

Lol. Nice.
There was a report out of Tennessee about it being at an FYE. Here in Portland, I had no luck at Borders (although their in-store computer said "likely in store"), Barnes & Noble, or FYE. Found mine at (yep) Best Buy.

Also, cabridges posted about this earlier, with links to various stores selling them online, some of which in theory might also have them on the shelves.

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I checked both the Best Buy and Future Shop websites regarding availability here in the Hamilton, Ontario area and it said there was no information on whether or not the stores had it. So I went to the local HMV and picked up my copy. I'm so excited to finally have it!
Haha, nice idea with the merchandise rearranging. I never would have thought of that.
Of course, if someone goes into that store and asks for Dr. Horrible, and all the ones where they're supposed to be are gone because someone moved them around, it's likely the store will go "huh, I guess our system is wrong and we're out" and the customer won't get one.

Isn't your pic from the new release section? There were none in the new release section in the Best Buy I was in. And it is a new release! I only stuck one in the musical section.
HMV in downtown Edmonton had a bunch of copies, so I imagine any HMV might have it.
For the Montrealers here, Metro Video locations have it. Not many copies at any of the three stores, but if it's sold out, they can order it for you.
It also appears to be available from Netflix, now.
I assumed Netflix had it already, but I guess I never actually checked.
Nope. I had hoped to get it from there to watch/listen to the extras, but it's not been available until now.
they just listed in on NETFLIX also...
Does any one know if there is any international distribution for it apart from Canada yet? I am in the UK and would rather not pay astronomical postage!
So, are these DVDs different? Not in content (I assume they're not), but in pressing. The DVDs we ordered from Amazon were - I believe - custom-burned (which is why it was cheaper to distribute them that way), while these are probably pressed like regular DVDs, meaning the best buy DVDs should have a much longer lifespan. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

ETA: a clarification

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A couple of websites that hold contests are giving it away.

I know I've entered more than one, but a search only yields
I checked two Targets and got surveys on both of my receipts. Target is now well aware that they NEED to stock the Dr. Horrible DVD.
Will try to stop at Best Buy on the way home tonight.
I got my Dr. Horrible DVD from Amazon last Christmas, and mine is a normal DVD. If I recall correctly, the initial Amazon orders ended up being a mix of the two types. I think there was even a "which one did you get?" conversation going on here and/or on Twitter.

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GVH, these are actual regular DVDs. New Video isn't a print-on-demand service, but an actual DVD production/distribution house.
For $10 bucks I'll buy it again. So now I have it as itunes, soundtrack, and DVD twice. LOL
It makes me sad that the linked listing has no photo of the DVD - they seem REAL excited to have it available don't they? :(
I don't carry 'em to different sections of the store, but this is definitely one of those titles that, when I see it obscured or facing in, I'll try to make face out (full frontal package, not just the spine). It needs to be seen !

I know we saw it a while ago, but the new purple packaging, with Neil Patrick Harris in real color, is nice.
I bought mine yesterday, though I had to look around a bit first. Here in Victoria, BC, I tried Futureshop and then Wal-mart with no luck, but HMV had lots of copies in the new releases section at the front of the shop. So HMV is probably the way to go if you're in Canada.

Bought a second one for my brother and may do some more gift purchasing. Loving the DVD!
No word on the PAL dvds?
Thanks for clearing that up, bix and Sunfire (come to think of it: mine didn't even look like a DVD-R, I just assumed it was, because of the on-demand service).

MP, why do you need a PAL release? The DVD is region free and most televisions and DVD players can handle NTSC material, even in PAL countries. I don't think there's a whole many left who can't handle the format. But I might be wrong, of course.

I also do that. Make sure the full front is showing if there is room available. I also check the restock roller carts they sometimes have at Best Buy. Take Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Serenity etc back to its space.
We run a store in Australia and you would be surprised how many people still own TVs that cannot handle NTSC.

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Have you heard about Dr. Horrible having a brick and mortar stor release in Aussieland? So far we have only heard from USA and Canada.
Haven't been able to find it anywhere here in Auckland, NZ. Borders has it listed as a Special Order item in their computers though.

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