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June 03 2009

Pop Culture's 10 Greatest Nerds. Willow tops Topless Robot's "10 Greatest Nerds" list. No surprise there.

Pretty cool Wil with comic book guy and Peter Parker hooray for the nerds. One of the few lists, l can really appreciate.
Arrrgh! My nerdy-ness is overpowering common sense...

Can't.. Hold... Back... Any... More...

Superman is not human!

Damn, it got out.

Otherwise, enjoyable list.

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Love the photo. Unbelievably cute!
ok, well nice shout out and all, but am I the only one a little put off by the "Pay no attention to immensely powered witch who hooked up with the ladies" and the "The lesbianess? That appears to be Oz/Seth Green's fault.".

Y'know like, can lesbians not be nerds? And like, Willow's totally not really a lesbian.

I think my construction of sentences ability has failed.
And like, Willow really is totally a lesbian. But I was also put off by the comment, since it patently is not true.
Being gay is so hip right now... All straight people are geeks because they're not gay

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My beef is with the word "fault".

I thought in the post-Seinfeld "not that there's anything wrong with that" world we had gotten past critizing gayness as wrong. Guess not...
Yeah, the "fault" bit is weird (maybe they were trying to be funny, and just never learned how?). Also, they totally spelled "lesbianness" wrong: if it was actually a word, it would have two N's.
What Digupherbones said. That really was rather upsetting and unsettling to read--as were some of the comments (don't read them if you are sensitive, there is a lot of ick.)

I'm sad this is still happening (All else aside, Willow did not drop her smarts, l33t computer skills or interest in other learning for the magic-I believe she used them even in Season 7.)
Also, they totally spelled "lesbianness" wrong: if it was actually a word, it would have two N's.

Maybe they're calling her a lesbianess. You know, to distinguish from all those male lesbians.
I think the comment was more about how after a certain point in time (S4 on) Willow became less of the cute nerdy girl. Not that there was anything wrong with that.

And the "fault," I can see where someone could be upset by that but I don't think of it as intentional. In fact, I think it might just mean that some people were very attracted to the early, seemingly attainable, Willow and could be upset that she ended up being not so attainable in their eyes. A subconscious thing for sure where you'd like to blame something without even realizing it fully.

Or even still, some people might find the development that Willow is gay to have been sudden without much setup. Of course, it's pretty common knowledge that Joss planned for her or Xander to be gay and there little hints for both of them but up until the point where she did come out I would have pegged it on being Xander myself. Some people might hold some animosity and feel that such a development was sudden and out of character. I certainly don't but I can see where others could.

Just throwing out ideas. Guys can be rather rash and insensitive without realizing it sometimes. Sorry ladies.
I read the "fault" line as saying "Seth Green left". That was, ultimately, what cleared the decks for the new developments in Willow's life.

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Translation: "Her costume is perfect."
His quote is "The lesbianess? That appears to be Oz/Seth Green's fault." I read this as saying it is the character's fault, who was played by Seth Green; that is, Oz left (which was caused by Seth leaving, but we should not confuse the real-life decision with the fictional world that exists here). There is no fault involved; Willow is who she is. Any discussion to the contrary is not supportable. Lesbainism, or homosexuality, is not caused by someone leaving you. It may be the reason you find out who you are, but it. is. not. a. cause. of. being. gay. There is no "cause" for being gay, same as there is no cause for being straight; you are just who you are. You just may not realize who that is for some time. So I really don't understand digupherbones comment that "Willow's totally not really a lesbian." Unless he/she is referring solely to S1-3, this is factually not true. And it remains not true to this day.
Yes, I understood how some were reading it. I was just saying it's not the only way to read it, since I didn't. ;)
Keep in mind that soem of his other comments were tacky and/or rude, plus the spelling. What he said about Willow was of a piece with his style.

As to Willow's self and my opinions thereof, I'm talked out on that for a while. Suffice it to say I wasn't happy with the words he used.

Was happy to see Urkel again. Despite what the Nielsen demographics showed, my ex and I and our daughter watched that. And heck, I introduced a "bleached version" of him into my Buffy fanfics as a Mary Sue.

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I didn't really read that "hooking up with the ladies" remark as anything too extreme. The point the author was making is that by later seasons, Willow was pretty confident and strong. If she'd been a lesbian and WASN'T hooking up with the ladies, that supports the nerd cliche a bit more. If she'd been straight and "hooking up the guys" it would have been the same statement. I think the point is, we don't see her as even remotely socially awkward at the end.

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Nevermind, I missed the last part of the statement. Forget everything I said.

Well... I still don't think she was that much of a nerd at the end. But yea, the author kinda lost his point with that last statement.
Dana5140 - sorry, my comment has been misinterpreted, I didn't intend to state that Willow wasn't a lesbian. That's not my view, I just phrased it wrong. It should be read in a more incredulous tone e.g.: "And like, Willow's totally not really a lesbian. Wtf?"

Its the old 'sarcasm font' problem.
digupherbones; Yeah, it's tough to recognize when it isn't engaged, and yes I'm being facetious.

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