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June 03 2009

Summer Glau on IMDB. Summer Glau has two links on IMDB today. She's the answer to the daily trivia question and also leads the daily poll asking "Which of these TV actresses should appear in more movies?" Way to go, Summer!

Summer's a contemporary TV icon. Fancy.
Don't forget Julie Benz, she's on the poll as well.
Uh, how is this news? IBTL...
Voted for Summer of course. But would like to see Sarah Chalke in more movies too.
Uh, how is this news? IBTL...

I think the declaration that Summer Glau is a comtemporary TV icon is, besides being entirely warranted, perfectly newsworthy.

Elizabeth Mitchell, and possibly, Cobie Smulders stand out as the only actresses would I'd be interested in to see a film with on that list. A couple I hate, but most are good TV actresses and should stay that way.

This is all, of course, apart from Summer.
Summer is two icons. Mebbe three.
We need more threads about Summer. I don't really care about the context.
I could always start making things up like "Summer Glau: The perfect She-Ra?". Except that I didn't.

Update: Almost forgot about the new Ellen Ripley.

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