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June 03 2009

Felicia Day Photo Shoot and Video. Felicia gets new head-shots and promo images shot by the Bui Brothers.

Wonderful pictures, Felicia definitely is very photographable. Really looking forward to seeing Epitath One and the Guild season 3.
Link isn't working for me.

edit: NVM, its working now. Nice pics!

[ edited by wilder on 2009-06-03 23:33 ]
It was working a few minutes ago. She has just tweeted about it so I'm making a stab in the dark that the Bui Brothers never usually get this amount of hits.

They are very nice photos.

PS. She has just tweeted that she crashed the site.
Wilder,probably the link doesn't work at the moment just because the fandom is getting so good at crushing websites...
At least,that's what Felicia implies!
This video is so awesome! Like, SO SO AWESOME! I think they did good.
Not working.
But I thought Felicia Day Types don't care about how they look... :p

(ETA: Obviously because they don't need to. So pretty.)

[ edited by hacksaway on 2009-06-04 00:04 ]
Wow.... Just, wow.

Not only are the photographers and the photos great, but the video is a great behind the scenes with Felicia. It shows off just how fun she is to work with. Favorite parts: her three faces, and turning on and off for the camera. I hope she gets a ton of great roles with those new headshots.
Link not working for me.
The site still isn't working but you can see the video on Felica's site. Great vid.
Working now. I have to say, her bookcase looks just like mine. And, plus, fun!
Nice video. The woman is just drop-dead gorgeous in so many ways. I really liked the music playing throughout, too. It had a really nice, bright feel to it.
Love that girl.
Gorgeous girl, great pictures :)
OK, that so didn't help the huge crush I seem to have on her.
I'm not sure why, but the video was all skippy, like a webcam. The sound was fine, just out of sync. Oh well. Felicia looked awesome, regardless!
Has to be said, that is one pretty girl. I always said that Felicia's Vi should have been considered as a possible spinoff character and I stand by that opinion.

Now, if the proposed Kuzui movie happened to be Vi the Vampire Slayer? That I'd be okay with. Not that they would be allowed to use the character or would probably even want to if they could but I can dream.
She confirmed on Twitter that those were her real bookshelves (so jealous!) and that she has the full Wheel of Time series in hardback. I'd love to spend a week next to that bookshelf - my flat's so small and higgledy-piggledy that I have to use freestanding bookshelves. I've got nine so far, and no wallspace left!

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