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June 03 2009

Eliza Dushku meets with ex-Uganda child soldiers. "You learn so much that you would never be able to read in a book ... meeting people and hearing stories firsthand".

I really respect Eliza for doing this. It's not a "sexy" photo op, as some celebs might have pursued. This is something truly profound and of merit.

Yeah, I gotta say my respect for Eliza has been on the rise recently too. She seems like a genuinely good person.
Awesome. Go Eliza!
That map showing the location of New York really helped.

And good for Eliza for seeing as much of the world as she can. Especially when the majority of Americans don't even have passports.
She's made of awesomeness! That is all.
My admiration for Eliza continues to grow. What a woman!
Interesting that no one's shown up to criticize Ms. Dushku for expressing her opinion on this issue.
I have not read any of the previous thread that JesterInACast linked but according to the article linked in this post, the heart of the story is the children forced into war and who on earth could say that that horrible issue doesn't need more attention? The film "Blood Diamonds" gave me a serious wake-up call regarding the horrific life the boys are forced to live.

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