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June 04 2009

Jeffrey Bell becomes showrunner for 'V'. Variety reports that it's part of his deal with Warner Bros. Television.

He was also the showrunner for Angel during its fourth and fifth seasons. IMDB has all the details for what he did on the show.

Does this mean Scott Peters is no longer involved? I thought his The 4400 was pretty good.
Ok, officially hyped for V. As if Morena, Elizabeth Mitchell AND Alan weren't enough. :)
Scott Peters is still an EP, as it says in the article
Wasn't David Fury the showrunner for Angel's fifth season? I thought Jeff Bell only did the fourth.

ETA: Obviously, congrats on the gig, really looking forward to it. I've always dug Jeff's work.

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I think Jeffrey was the showrunner for most of season 4 (after Simkins left) and all of 5.


I had forgotten about this.
Ugh, titles completely confuse me by this point and I forget which ones are utterly meaningless. That said, I had no idea that as show runner Jeffery Bell was responsible the era of Angel where my interest even surpassed Buffy...
Wow, thanks for the link, Simon. That was a new one for me, what a nice read. And, though I kind of knew Joss wasn't that invested in the midseasons of Angel, this reinforced them. I guess that's why I really didn't like them...
Well, Jeff can also claim the title of being the last person to pen a televised Buffyverse episode.

And I do remember that he had to takeover after the Simkis meltdown. It wasn't an easy period, though I still claim Season 4 as one of my favorite Angel seasons.

Hope he has a better luck this time around, I'm enjoying Harper's Island, but can understand why it failed to attract an audience.

ETA: Completely forgot about that article, too. Wow, that was back in 2004?

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Wow, I've been learning so much recently. First someone linked to the Bronze archives and now this history. I can't believe that at one point Joss and co intended to have 5 shows on air (or 4 maybe, that article isn't entirely clear on whether Buffy would have continued if SMG hadn't decided to leave). Probably a good thing it never happened. I would love to have seen the Faith show and the Buffy animated show but cracks were showing with just 3 shows (especially on Buffy, though I did like season 7)
Wow, I've been learning so much recently. First someone linked to the Bronze archives and now this history.

Yeah, same for me, I love knowing all this stuff. Thanks for the link.
Bell did an incredible job on Angel. He's a great writer, and he's responsible for some of my favorite episodes in all of Whedon's shows. I was skeptical about V, but with all the quality people they have on board, it's gonna be great!
Can anyone explain what happened to the Joss's deal with FOX that would fund him making movies?
I've really been kind of indifferent about this show, until now. I really enjoyed what Mr. Bell did for Angel, especially the 5th season.

Excitement, rising.
Can anyone explain what happened to the Joss's deal with FOX that would fund him making movies?
It is stated in the article that a new contract was signed, that didn't include movies.

And, also. This is good news for 'V'. Looking forward to it even more now.
It is stated in the article that a new contract was signed, that didn't include movies.

Yes but that was years later. The article doesn't explain what happened to that initial agreement. Was it signed but Joss just didn't make any movies?
I've been enjoying this Mutant Enemy history lesson and the Bronze archives too this week and learning a lot (About Whedon and said company, not so much else, though I'm really supposed to. Why did it have to be my exam week in which all these wonderfull links got dugg up?).

Anyway about Jeffrey Bell: he's a brilliant writer (he wrote many of my favourite Angel episodes), though based on just Angel I'm less sure about his showrunning skills (season 4 of Angel is my least favourite season of Whedony goodness, season 5 isn't my favourite either, but it's better). Might give "V" a try, the cast looks good, the trailer kinda intersting and with Jeff Bell is on board I'd guess it will only get better.

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I thought considering the "more standalone" constraints the network imposed in season 5, along with budget cuts, it's an incredibly strong season. And "Not Fade Away" is simply brilliant. Season 4 similarly had oustide events cause problems with the original plotted arc - Charisma Carpenter got pregnant. ;) Whilst it isn't my favorite season, season 4 still has some of my favorite episodes - so I'm definitely (even more) interested in 'V'.
Yeah, this is very good news for 'V'. Bell is a good writer and did a great job on Angel. It's very promising and I now officially can't wait for the show to start.

Simon, thanks for that blast from the past. Wasn't a member at whedonesque back then, so missed it the first time 'round. Great read, I had forgotten about a lot of the "minor" writers.
I remember liking the first V, now I'm looking forward to this more. As far as Angel, I really have only been able to watch season 5 and that was for Spike. I have the boxed sets and can't get past ep 7 season 1. But then I never really liked the Angel character, tho I did like the rest of the cast a lot. I also like that they seem to be mapping V from the very start. I'm a little insulted about the claim LOST???? started the mapping process, I mean, come on, the first 2 or 3 season of Lost they didn't have any frelling idea where they were going. They were just throwing crap on the wall and seeing what stuck. Maybe NOW they do but only cause Fans rebelled.
And maybe Lost fans are insulted by your comment?

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