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June 04 2009

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk on Dollhouse, V and Wash the TV show. Alan being his usual funny self talks about what has been and what is coming up for him. Dollhouse-spoilers and V-spoilers.

I would so watch a Wash tv-series! :)

A very interesting S2 Dollhouse spoiler there at the end :D
How long until the "Alan Tudyk to star in Buffy reboot" rumours start flying?
Re: spoiler. Excellent, excellent.
I did wonder what Craft & Fain meant by "Alpha will be out there" back then, but I guess now we know.
I think it was clear they wanted him back. Just not if it was going to be in the cards, so to speak.
Well, that news does not suck.
I've been waiting for this interview..I've been refreshing "Blast" page on every occasion from work..And now that I can finally read it, it's much better than expected..
I want the Wash series!!!!
GREAT interview!!!
I think he should marry me.
Great spoiler, and I'm glad Alan mentioned the discrepancy between staying in the Kepler personality in Briar Rose, and constantly switching in Omega. It did seem a little inconsistent, I'm glad he said he would have re done that. Of course, it's not really his fault as he's just going by what's in the script in front of him.
Did no one else know what happened in the next episode? No one could have clued in the director of Briar Rose to direct Alan in a certain way to make it consistent?

That said, we can wank it: The proximity of Echo unloosened Alpha's control over his various imprints. That's why, once they escape, he's different than when he was with Ballard.
I think it was a nice gradual decline from Alpha-acting-as-Kepler to madmen rescuing Echo to inconsistent psycho. And yeah, while the "crazy" and the "genius" are not equally distributed between Briar Rose and Omega, I didn't mind at all that he acted it that way. I think on re-watch, seeing the two back to back might even increase that feeling of a gradual shift in acting tone.

(btw, have we already settled on a cool, short name for the two-parter? BRO? Briar Romega?)
The Medicinal Carrot Power Hour.
Excellent interview. I'm so glad Alpha is going to be back. And I for one would love to see Alan as Buffy.

Re: Kepler and Alpha, I do agree that Kepler seems a great deal more put together. I figured it was something like all of the 48 (or however many it was) wanted revenge on the 'house. So they agreed to work together to get in there. But after he got Echo and put that personality in her, they stopped working together.

Or something. Either way, Alan's performance was awesome.
I thought there were multiple personalities leaking through even in "Briar Rose." It was just easy at that point to interpret it as an unbalanced agoraphobic genius kind freaking out in reaction to Ballard. That's the layer of the script you're meant to see at that point, and I did. That was the dominant personality plus the acting that Alpha was presenting deliberately. But on re-watch, I can see he's really arguing with himself quite literally in certain places.

I just assumed it was more noticeable when he was Bobby because Bobby's not a guy who's going to talk to and argue with himself as a singular personality, whereas Kepler very much would. And then later, I think we're seeing a more pure version of Alpha, when he doesn't need a certain person up front to handle something specific anymore.
I always thought in hindsight that "There's a lot of aspects to that question." was kind of a self-acknowledgment of his own fractured state. So yeah, it was there in "Briar rose" too.
And I for one would love to see Alan as Buffy.

I'm rooting for Morgan Freeman myself.
If Alan plays Buffy, it might work.
I think Alpha is truly a fascinating character that I am glad we'll get to spend more time exploring. :-) When I thought the show would be canceled, I was saddest that we wouldn't get to see more of Alan as Alpha.

Great interview. I generally avoid spoilers, but this is Alan, I had to read it. And you know, the spoilers are non-specific. I always expected Alpha to be back - and hoped for it - so it's nice to have confirmation. What I don't want to know is when he comes back or the circumstances surrounding his return.
Also, with regard to Alpha - I think at times he uses one personality as a primary, or draws upon the experiences of multiple personalities to act a specific role (such as Kepler - although you'd just blame any inconsistencies in that character on him being high.) But then there are other times when the multiple personalities disagree and his mind becomes more of an anarchy. (Or perhaps a democracy, where the majority of his personalities need to agree on something). So the composite event is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness - which I think is fascinating.
I always thought in hindsight that "There's a lot of aspects to that question." was kind of a self-acknowledgment of his own fractured state."

It struck me as a dead give-away when he said it, and I thought Ballard was being awfully obtuse in not picking up on that as a reference to having been a subject of the Dollhouse. But then Ballard didn't know Alpha existed, and didn't have the benefit of having heard the rumors that Alan and Alpha were one and the same. Or in this case, 48 and the same.
AnotherFireflyfan, yeah, that seemed to me to be less a spoiler than a confirmation of what the plot had made perfectly clear. In this kind of genre, if the villain isn't dead at the end of the season, he, she or it is absolutely coming back.

If they are dead, chances are about 50-50.
85-15 if it's a Whedon show and the villain is awesome.
It was a great interview, and it makes sense to me that Alpha was keeping it together and 'acting' for Ballard's benefit (in Briar Rose), but letting it all hang loose in front of Echo (in Omega). I think the writers (Joss?) were on purposely keeping Alan in the dark so he couldn't signal too much to the audience in Briar Rose, not everyone was spoiled, so the surprise of what was unfolding was intensified by having the performance not give too much away too soon.
I had a blast talking with Alan and I think the interview came out well, so I'm glad you guys feel the same. And I'm totally with you -- Alan the Vampire Slayer would be AWESOME.
Alans performances in Briar Rose and Omega might not have been completely coherent, but it worked well enough. For me they were the highlights of the first season and I wouldn't change a thing about them.

And is it just me or does anything with Alan sound awesome. If he played Buffy in the reboot I'd actually go watch it.
Well, that was just amazing. Every once and a while an interview comes along with questions that are truly great and this now means there won't be one for at least three months.
For more foreshadowing of Alpha: in Gray Hour, Topher's going over the remote wipe with Ivy. Their convo goes:

Topher: He had to break into our system, which is impossible, he had to get Echo's cell number, he...
Ivy: Or she.
Topher: Or they. It has to be a they. I mean, look at this build.

Maybe I'm looking too far into it, but Alpha is soitenly a they, si? Could've been some forward-thinking writing.
This is a great interview, Alan seems like such a nice guy. Count me among those thrilled that Alpha will be back, to what extent has got my interest peaked!
Awesome interview. I'm so glad Alan's coming back. *stands in line for Alan the Vampire Slayer*

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