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June 04 2009

Eliza: "I liked Metroid, and I liked Mortal Kombat, and I liked the Mario Bros." They got Alpha... now Echo's talking to Blast. Eliza chats about the video game 'Wet' and her relationship with a Mr 'Wheedon'.

This gives me an excuse to rave about the idea of a new Metroid game, as announced yesterday. Eliza's got good taste.
Trust me, people, if I had transcribed that article there would be no JW misspelling. Off to yell at the EIC. ;)
"Mr. Wiiden" would be more accurate for this I think.

And dang, Eliza gave me another reason to love her in liking Metroid.
that text from Joss: “we’re officially en fuego.” I'm such a writing geek, 'cos it's terribly exciting to me that perhaps right this minute Joss and his minions are putting together the basis of the second season's plot and storylines.
What up with the liking of Mortal Kombat?! Piece of crap series... It has always had some seriously broken controls and it's about as enjoyable as watching Point Pleasant (yeah, I went there). Atleast she redeemed herself with mentioning Metroid. Super Metroid is one of the best games ever IMO.
Here's a video interview with Eliza and the creative director of the game:

I've been googling like crazy to find who makes the shirt she's wearing.
Yep, that's a cool shirt.
Eliza starts filming Dollhouse season 2 on July 22.
Kind of odd that she didn't mention she did a voice for Saints Row 2. She was a major character in that game.
I was just watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where he had Jason Sudeikis do a segment about E3. He briefly interviewed Eliza Dushku.
Eliza starts filming Dollhouse season 2 on July 22.

Does she say that in the video? (Can't access it, doesn't load.)
Djungelurban, it was a fun game when we were kids, Mortal Kombat. We were obsessed with the first two in the series (think we were tired of it by the time the second one came around, plus didn't really love the changes--not sure if any of the later installments in the series were any good, I know there've been many and they weren't always 2-Player fighting games). Me, my sister, a bunch of friends. I guess I was 10 when the first game came out. The fights were fun, the quasi-realistic look of the game probably appealed at the time (as opposed to Street Fighter's animated look, or other fighting games like that--although I appreciate the animated look more now), and there was a bit of story behind the characters and the game, which was rare for a fighting game back then (and it's not like the thin character descriptions/motivations were anything to write home about, but they worked for 10 year olds back then).

Also, it had one of the most true-to-game movie adaptations ever (still! Most video game movies still suck, after all this time) and that film had a fun soundtrack. That solidified the love even more at the time, that kick-ass film (within context--obviously it's a big piece of cheese now, though I could probably still find something to enjoy in it the same way I'm able to enjoy some of the lower quality cartoons from my childhood).

I don't know why people still like it, does the current crop of Mortal Kombat games suck ? For me, it's just nostalgia for the first two. I remember the moves being quite simple and being able to cheap out in fights ridiculously with Scorpion's "Get over here!" spear-throw and Sub-Zero's freeze, if you knew how to time them just right, but was fun for a while.

Yes though, the Metroid and Mario games are lightyears better, along with hundreds if not thousands of other games.
Does she say that in the video? (Can't access it, doesn't load.)

Nope, she did an interview with a journalist today who posted that snippet of info, but I'm still waiting on the full article.

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