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June 05 2009

NPH on Letterman for the Top 10 list. Another Tonys related interview reveals that amongst his Tony Awards duties NPH will present presented the nightly Top Ten List on “The Late Show with David Letterman” tonight (6/5) last night, June 4th, 2009.

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This was on last night's show - it's floating around on youtube for those who missed it.
It was just on here in Australia... we get the late show late.

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Here is the official cbs streaming video of the top ten list.

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He was also the Balladeer in "Assassins."
I only tuned in right before he started - why did Dave give him a shot of scotch beforehand?
"He's straight" - not that funny. My first thought was, "But Hugh Jackman's totally straight," and my second thought was, "And it's not particularly funny anyway." NPH was gracious & classy, of course, but I thought he gave a little cringe at the end there (or am I being over-sensitive?). Do we think guest Top 10 readers get to look at the lists ahead of time, or are they reading them for the first time on stage?
I'm pretty sure the reader doesn't get to edit the Top Ten List: the thanks or blame goes to Letterman's writers, but NPH did a great job with that and I'm looking forward to seeing him host the Tony's! I have to say I feel better about missing it (I thought it would be tonight) now that I know Paula Abdul was going to be the first guest.
Urgh... Cringeful... My sentiments to (a probably awkward feeling) NPH, graceful as ever.

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I know we are cool and all, but could we spell out peoples names instead of just using initials?
On a different note, am I the only one who's never found those top tens the least bit amusing?
Apologies... Was given the impression that it was the Whedonesque thing to do, initialising. Full names in future.
Using initials is fine as long as it doesn't get out of hand.
I know we are cool and all, but could we spell out peoples names instead of just using initials?

NPH wouldn't do that!

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