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June 05 2009

Angel Eaglemoss Figurine available for pre-order. I'm pretty sure that's only for UK-buyers tough. I don't think they ship internationally, but it could have changed.

Also, the site does sometimes have problem with accepting orders, so you might have to email them and check that they did get your order.

I went through to checkout and they only ship to the UK and Ireland.
At BTVSFigs a few people bought the Buffy figurine here and forwarded them internationally to other board members in exchange for payment or trade, so they might be willing to do the same.
Harrumph, I say! :=) Skytteflickan88, you made me laugh. This typo: I'm pretty sure that's only for UK-buyers tough. sounds like payback for all the things we American-types seem to get first, or only, around here. It's not a bad-looking representation but I'd prefer a figure that has a more real touch and feel (and flowing leather coat).
Don't give this one to the kids! They put it in their mouth and *BAM* they go all Beethoven.
Tonya, I'm here to entertain. And apparently, payback.

*bowing* lol
How big are these things?

Cast in lead? Her hunga-munga might get bent.

Wonder what they look like IRL.
Here's the Buffy one in real life

Buffy is 3.5” tall, so I assume Angel is too.
Thanks Skytteflickan88. That is a serious weapon in that young girl's hand.

Boy, they put a lot of detail into something that small! The wrinkles in her pants, the determined look on her face. Impressive.

I wonder if DST will ever come out with new figures? I'm still bummed they cancelled Ripper. (Then again, considering how very UN-Tony the latest Giles was, maybe that's not a bad thing. He actually has Angel's head, tweaked slightly to vaguely resemble Giles.)

I really wish I could afford a "Chosen" Faith and a decent Xander. (I don't like the Season Seven, Chosen or "ice cream" Xanders. I don't like his mouth open, or his head thrust forward. Doesn't look like Nicky at all.)
Looks more like Robert Forster...or Jack Webb.

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