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June 05 2009

Tater Tops 2009: Who Is the Best Baddie? Vote for Alan Tudyk in his "Dollhouse" role!

ALso vote for Michelle Trachtenberg for best guest star, as hacksaway notes below.

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Oh, you know, I loved Tudyk's turn as Alpha, he was terrific. But only two eps....

Meanwhile, Benjamin Linus on Lost, week in and week out, is one of the creepiest bad guys I've seen in anything.

Sorry, had to go with him.
Alas, filops is correct. Ben is one of the greatest characters ever to appear on American television, both in concept and execution, and Emerson's work has been nothing short of compelling since the character debuted.
Having seen exactly 12 seconds of Lost and having just watched "Briar Rose" and "Omega" I happily cast my vote for Monsieur Tudyk.
Guess you got lucky. That 13th second is the one that hooks you.

Voted for Alan.
Michelle Trachtenberg is up for Best Guest Star as well.
In this case, I had to give my vote to Ben in "Lost". And, the funny thing is, I feel a bit sorry for him because he's really is lost.

The other choices were good picks as well.
Alan was great, but I had to go with Ben.
Ben Linus. Not even close.
Out of loyalty to the 'verse, I voted for "Alpha," but "Ben Linus" is clearly the outstanding baddie on the list. Lost would be nothing special at all were it not for him.
Yeah, it's definitely Ben, but to Lost's huge credit I can easily name half a dozen characters I find even more fascinating.
Lot of talented actors and good writing for Lost.

If I were Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, I might want to start sucking, next season. He so disappears into that role that I don't think I could hold a conversation with the actor unless I was at least ten feet away and near a door.
Michael Emerson is incredible, and all the others are excellent as well. It's a difficult choice - but I found you can vote more than once, so I'm spreading the wealth around...
Don't forget some vote love for
Miracle Laurie in the 2009 Breakout Star poll.

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