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"This lint is so scottish."
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June 05 2009

A Few More Joss Quotes from Shasha Seminar. Well, two. So here are some new pix too.

On Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: "It's one of the silliest things I've ever made, but I love it with all my heart."

On why he made time to speak to the Shasha Seminar on Human Concerns: "It's her," he said pointing at his film professor, Jeanine Basinger. "It's all her. She can make me do anything."

Can we vote? I say it stays! How many writers do we get asking for their posts to be deleted in the main post?! It can be like a historical landmark.
I was gonna say he looks tired and then the article said he was tired.

Any way we can find out what that 'movie about bimbos out for vengeance' was that prompted Rhonda the Immortal Waitress-i mean Buffy?

Would be cool to hear/read that speech too. Why don't they just get Joss on TEDtalks already..jeez.
"and then flew home to Los Angeles to be with his family".

It's so easy to forget Joss has a life outside story telling.
What with his work on Cabin, Dollhouse and Season 8 (and a myriad of other projects we don't know about), I'm surprised he has time to eat, sleep or even breathe.
I wish I had a tenth of his work ethic.
So we're no longer worried this thread will be taken down? lol
Thank you for posting this Pointy, Joss does look tired but he also looks very happy. And I always thought that the 'bimbo' movies were things like 'Halloween' and 'Jaws' where the bad girls get killed and only the virgins survive.
Perhaps Joss was referring to "Revenge of the Teenage Vixens From Outer Space"? :D

Research for the sake of a Whedonesque response is hard, but Someone has to do it! LOL
How does he always look so jolly and happy? Even with little sleep?
Thanks so much, pointy. The other article I read here was the one where the writer mentioned not bringing anything to write on, as much as I enjoyed reading it. But quotations are better! So thanks a bunch.

Thinking of bimbos who never got revenge, I'm inclined to wonder if it was H.O.T.S. (1979). It was a female Animal House ripoff. It was pretty lame. I can't quite remember what the sorority girls wanted revenge for. I was a kid watching it and thought their "revenge scheme" was lame, being all "that's it?" at the end. It was all T&A. Just speculation, tho.
My pleasure, Cabri, Embers, and WhoIsOmega?!

To fill the quotage gap, here's a 35-minute talk by Jeanine Basinger on the subject of her latest book, "The Star Machine."

I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but the opening anecdote about Joan Crawford is somewhat Stage Fright-ening.

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