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June 06 2009

Buffy makes IGN's list of TV Graduation Days. Dawson's Creek and The OC are among others who make the list.

Never realised until I saw them all together in a nice list that TV grad day episode titles are exceptionally dull.

It would be rather hard for any of those shows to top Buffy's graduation episode. I mean, none of them involved a class of graduates secretly armed beneath their gowns, or the principal being eaten by a giant snake midway through the keynote speech, or the librarian blowing up the entire school.
My high school graduation really wasn't much different, as I recall.
I'm surprised they didn't mention Roswell's series finale... oh wait, the last season was on UPN...
I just graduated recently, and was disappointed at the lack of snake monsters and vampire armies.
I think Buffy has made a big disappointment for all our graduation realities........

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