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August 29 2002

(SPOILER) Filth, Fury and.... Faith. Today's Hollywood reporter has very good news. (Buffy AND Angel spoilers inside)

"Eliza Dushku has signed on to reprise her role as Faith this season in five episodes of "Buffy" and three episodes of the WB Network's spinoff "Angel""

Woo - bloody - hoo.

But there's more: "She has committed to appear in the FINAL five episodes of the original series this season."

With today's Oracle post (as documented at Spoilerslayer) which hinted at world wide slayer stalkage ("Buffy starts to have visions in her dreams. She sees a young woman in Istanbul get stalked by hooded figures (supposedly monks). A similar scene occurs in the second episode, "Beneath You."" + combine this info with earlier rumours M.E. was looking to cast a number of "young slayers") I'm sure we can draw up some cool speculation.

great news if its true , presumably that means there will be a crossover between BtVs and AtS now.
Yeah, wondering if the threat in Sunnydale will be so big they'll have to recruit Angel Investigations. There are rumours of Faith hunting Angelus. Perhaps Angelus heads off to Sunnydale, though I cannot imagine Boreanaz doing a 5-epi stint on BtVS.

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